Kovalev Q&A Highlights


Reigning light-heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev held a question and answer session with the media. This was done to start the hype machine behind next bout against top “pound for pound” fighter Andre Ward on November 19. Here are some of the highlights of his Q&A session in Los Angles.



We don’t see two five pound-for-pound fighters fight each other that often – what makes this fight worth the risk for you?


Sergey Kovalev: This fight for me is dangerous. Any fight is dangerous but this fight is really important for my career and for the boxing world because it is a really high level for both of us. When I was a child I was just dream to be on this level so this fight for me really means a lot. For me this fight means everything in my boxing career and after this fight we will find out who is the best pound-for-pound.


Do you think you can outbox Andre Ward?


Kovalev: It is my goal. I like to have goals in my life and this makes my goal, yes.


Could you imagine yourself as being the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world? Is this something you dreamed of when you were a kid?


Kovalev: I never dreamed about it because I never knew about this word “pound-for-pound,” so I never thought about being the best pound-for-pound. I always wanted to be the best in the light heavyweight division. But now that Andre said this is the fight for the best pound-for-pound, yes it is now my goal.


Does your current status being in the top-pound-for-pound, have status, or is it appreciated in Russia?


Kovalev: I don’t know because I don’t hear any opinions about that from Russian fans. After a while people are thinking that I am the best, yes, and in my hometown for sure.


Do you think Andre Ward has more power as a light heavyweight to hurt you and do you think you can knock Andre Ward out?


Kovalev: I think so, yes. He was power – he will be a lot heavier and has been in his last two fights. He has been fighting twelve rounds to get enough experience for November 19. We saw the power when he fought in the super middleweight division. Sure, I will try to knock him out because I am Krusher and I try to live up to my nick-name. Let’s do it.


Now you are focused on November 19. If you win do you think you will fight Adonis Stephenson, or do you think he will run away again?


Kovalev: If you understand that I am focused on this fight, why would you ask that question? It would be up to him. I am ready for him but it is not my decision to fight against Stephenson, I am fighting Ward and he is Chickenson.

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