•Donaire impressively decisions Mathebula

Nonito Donaire Busts through Mathebula

By: Big Steve G.

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The always and exciting “Philipino Flash”, Nonito Donaire defended his 122 pound title belt against fellow titleholder Jeffery Mathebula in 12 round unification bout this Saturday.

Mathebula had a huge height and reach advantage over Donaire, so you knew this was going to be a tough fight for Donaire. Donaire was the aggressor all night by coming forward and landing hard shots against taller and lengthier Mathebula and scored a 4th round knockdown in the process.

Mathebula did have some good rounds in this fight by using a good quick jab to setup combinations while throwing and landing more punches than Donaire according to Compubox punch stats.
Herald Lederman did have the fight very close going into the championship rounds and even Donaire’
s trainer Robert Garcia told him that he needed to win the last 2 rounds big which he did. In the 11th, Donaire landed a hard right hand shot that appeared to have broken Mathebula’s jaw as it remained open and bleeding for the remainder of the bout.
In the end Donaire would earn a 12 round unanimous decision which was scored very one sidedly by the ringside judges who didn’t give Mathebula more than 3 rounds in the bout. In either case a good win for Donaire and there are a lot of good fights down the road in a stacked 122 pound division.

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