AC Fight Night Picks: Alexander-Purdy, Peterson-Matthysse

By: Brandon Stubbs
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Atlantic City will be at the forefront of the boxing world coming Saturday night. Live on Showtime we will witness a light-welterweight showdown between Lamont Peterson and Lucas Matthysse. Also, Devon Alexander will make the first defense of his IBF Welterweight belt when he takes on the UK’s Lee Purdy. Here is a break down of the fights and my winners.

Devon Alexander vs. Lee Purdy
IBF Welterweight Title

For fans in the US, not much is known about Lee Purdy. He was named as a late replacement to face Devon Alexander after several delays and finally a cancellation of the Kell Brook fight. This fight is simply not Devon’s to lose. He has all the skills in the world to go out and get the win, but will his mind be there to do so. For the better part of four months this year, he was gearing up to fight Kell Brook. Injuries from both fighters caused the matchup to be paused before finally being killed off. So will Devon still have the same drive after an opponent change? The answer is yes. Devon is a professional and his trainer Kevin Cunningham will not let him slack one bit. Alexander knows he put the fans to sleep with his performance against Randall Bailey in October, so look for him to be a bit more aggressive this time out and try to win fans back over.

Like most UK fighters, Purdy is tough and will not go down without a fight but is just out classed in this point of his career to have a chance. Calling for Devon Alexander to win on the cards after 12 rounds taking 9-10 of those. He knows an impressive win could punch his ticket to a Mayweather payday.

Lamont Peterson vs. Lucas Matthysse

This fight isn’t for Lusac’s interim belt he holds or Lamont’s title either due to the governing bodies. So the fight will take place at 141lbs and is technically a welterweight bout, but everyone knows this is to set a mega fight at 140lb with Danny Garcia later this year. What makes this fight so great is the fact that you have two of the best power punchers in the division going toe to toe.
Lamont has said since day one of this fight being announced that he would stand in the pocket and trade shots with Matthysse. He stated that he knows he will get hit, he only fears getting caught by a clean shot. Well, if Peterson plans to stand and trade he will get caught with a clean shot and will go down. With that said, I believe he will try to out box Matthysse first before entering into a fire fight. Lucas does have one punch power, but has seemed to come up short in the big time fights he is in. I don’t see this needing in a KO, but somebody will go down through the course of the bout. I am calling for Lamont Peterson to win on the cards in a close and highly entertaining fight.

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