Broner Gone Bad

By: Brandon Stubbs

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Lets get the fight particulars out the way first. Adrien Broner beat Vicente Escobedo via TKO in the 5th round Saturday night in Cincinnati. Broner was able to overwhelm Escobedo, and caused his corner to thrown in the towel and stop any more damage being taken. Now to my problem with “The Problem”.

First off he didn’t make weight Friday and in a pre-fight interview with the HBO crew, he showed that he had zero intention to do so. That in and of itself is extremely disrespectful to his oppenent and the sport. With this fight being in question, Broner’s promoter Golden Boy in true mafia style made Escobedo an offer he couldn’t refuse and the fight went on.

Night of the fight, Broner came out to the ring to Waka Flacka Flame? Okay, I’ll give you a pass there, but next both him and his crew come out donning blue shirts saying: “Free Money May” on them. If it’s not bad enough, he’s stealing his boxing style and now mocking his lifestyle too? And the final monument of cooning came at the end of the night in his post fight interview as he gets down on one knee and asks his girlfriend to brush his hair.

I’m ashamed that we named him our “Fighter to Watch” this week, I’m saddened as a boxing fan because guys like this keep giving the sport a black eye and I’m sickened as a black man that Broner think things like this are funny and just sees it as him “cutting up”.

So with that said I’m officially going to boycott Adrien Broner and all things surrounding him along with starting the Twitter hash tag of #BoycottBroner. Until he humbles up and changes his ways, I along with many others could care less about him or any fight he will be a part of.

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