Burgos Sends Vasquez Home Early on Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights
Edgewater Hotel & Casino Resort, Laughlin, NV

By: Gordie Tamayo
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Victor Freitas-Jones (Pro-Debut) vs Rocco Espinoza 3-5-0KO
4 Round Jr. Lightweight

Round one Jones came out swinging for the fence.  He began to settle and caught Espinoza with a deep left hook upstairs followed by a flurry of shots which were enough to send Espinoza to the canvas and referee Tony Weeks to call the TKO 2:11 into the first round.  A pleasing start to Jones’s professional debut.

Aaron Martinez 17-1-1-4KO vs Prenice Brewer 16-2-1-6KO
8 Round Welterweight

Martinez was very aggressive from the start and pushing the action which eventually led to him landing a left hook that shook Brewer in the opening round.  Brewer showed some faulty defense with his hands dropped and paid the price with Martinez’s left hook.

Round four saw both fighters meeting for an inside exchange and both standing their ground.  The lankier Brewer eventually went back to using his reach but Martinez never stopped the forward assault.  Brewer continually threw the left hook and got caught with the counter right and was lured back into an inside dogfight with Martinez getting the better of the exchange.

Leading into round six Martinez continued his corner’s instructions moving forward and throwing the successful looping overhand right.  He continued the momentum and walked away with the split decision even though the audience clearly saw he was worthy of a unanimous decision victory with his higher work rate and aggressiveness.

Jamal Woods 2-3-1-2KO vs Brett Rather (Pro-Debut)
4 Round Heavyweight

Rather was more dominant from the inception which may have been attributed to him attempting to make a solid first impression for his pro-debut on a national spotlight.  He showed ring smarts by adjusting when necessary and chopping Woods down from the body for the first two rounds.

Woods managed to land a few solid right hands but didn’t have the stamina to follow up on them and make any damage.  Leading into round four, Woods turned up the heat and came close to dropping Woods for his debut however, Woods showed heart and finished the fight on his feet.  Woods cleared a unanimous decision victory and starts his career on a positive note.

Juan Carlos Burgos 29-1-19KO vs Cesar Vasquez 25-0-16KO
10 Round Jr. Lightweight

Vasquez making his U.S. debut came in aggressive in what was the makings of an all out slug-fest.  Both fighters had a high work rate but it was the more experienced Burgos who selected his shots and countered the anxious Vasquez through round two.

Round three Burgos took advantage of Vasquez leading in by timing him and throwing perfect counters along with his signature uppercut to send Vasquez home early 1:50 into the round.  A big finish for the #8 rated Ring Magazine Jr. Lightweight Burgos and Vasquez now marked with his first professional defeat.


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