Canelo vs Lopez: A Modern Day “David and Goliath”

By: Gordie Tamayo

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Josesito Lopez has routinely been the underdog. Such was the case at the Staples Center in Los Angeles June 23 when Lopez, a junior welterweight was given the opportunity to move up in weight to face Victor Ortiz after Andre Berto was forced to pull out of their scheduled encounter due to testing positive for a banned substance.

It was no surprise that Lopez was meant to have been served as the appetizer to Ortiz facing junior middleweight titlist Saul “Canelo” Alvarez this upcoming Mexican Independence Day weekend on September 15. The outcome however was a huge surprise, as the highly favored Ortiz quit on the stool after the ninth round due to a broken jaw suffered from the onslaught of a gritty Lopez.

As Alvarez looked on in disappointment at another opponent going by the wayside for his September date and the world stood in awe at one of the biggest upsets of the year, Lopez found himself at destiny’s table. Year’s of tough luck were finally paying dividends from hard work and determination. Through a series of potential opponents to face Alvarez falling one by one, Golden Boy once again extended an opportunity for Lopez to move up to face Alvarez and he didn’t hesitate accepting fates call.

Lopez’s journey reminds us of a story from ancient times about an anointed young man by the name of David and a giant named Goliath who commanded god-like fear from all who heard his voice; everyone but David. Like David, Lopez was underestimated until given the opportunity to prove he was a force to be reckoned with. And although marketing execs and match-makers have done great in building Alvarez to the status of “Titan”, Lopez and team understand that Alvarez is still just a man despite size and reputation.

On September 15, Lopez has another opportunity to change the course of history. Rumors have already begun circulating of Miguel Cotto facing Alvarez in May of 2013, should he defeat WBA “regular” junior middleweight champion Austin Trout December 1 and Alvarez completing his assignment Saturday against Lopez. Could it be wishful thinking to believe Lopez can pull off an upset of this magnitude and steal thunder twice; perhaps. But, perhaps the name “Knockout Kings” is sign of Lopez’s coronation to come also.

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