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What’s Next: David Price

By: Brandon Stubbs
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In the sport of boxing, we are always searching for the next big thing. This fact holds even truer in the heavyweight division. For some time, fans in the UK thought they had the next big thing in heavyweight David Price.

Price was crushing guys, starting off his career 15-0 with 13 of those coming via knockout. But his fans in the UK and people in boxing wanted to see him step up and face some tougher opponents. That’s where Maryland’s Tony “The Tiger” Thompson entered this past February. He was looked at as a name in the division but someone Price should be able to overpower and beat….wrong. In two straight fights, the crafty veteran pulled the “green” Price into a brawl that he doesn’t have the fire power to be in. Counter punches and a shaky chin closed the show two straight nights. Twice now David has had his fans leave the arena in tears and disappointed.

But should we be surprised? No. Price is just another in a long line of heavyweights who get our hopes up, just to choke and break our hearts when they step up to the top level in the division. Every tall or long armed guy who comes along is the next “Klitschko Killer” and we see these guys either fail in ugly fashion or duck the brothers once they get close to a title fight. The Klitschko brothers rule the division and show zero signs of letting it go beyond retirement.

As for what is next for David Price, it should be a total rebuilding project. He needs to go back in the gym and work on the basics first. Learn to use his size and length and get a great jab game going then work on defense. In these two straight losses the jury is now saying his chin is suspect. In that regard it will be more mental for him to get over that hump of getting knocked down and learning to get back up. Long time heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis has been working with him in hopes that some of his knowledge can rub off on him. Once he is physically and mentally ready to fight, his team needs to build him back against light punchers and gradually harder punchers in his comeback. David Price can come back, but he will need to show heart in order to do so.