What’s Next for Adrien Broner

By: Brandon Stubbs
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Saturday night Adrien “The Problem” Broner made his successful debut in the welterweight division over Paulie Malignaggi. The win wasn’t his most convincing nor flashy performance, but a win never the less. In the post fight interview, Broner made a bold statement in saying he would let the public vote and pick his next opponent. He said this after hearing the recent complaints about his opponents being hand picked and of lesser tier or quality. Whether he truly lets the fans pick and if the politics of boxing let the fight happen, will remain to be seen as time goes on. But I came up with some names that could make things interesting for him in the ring.

Keith Thurman

For about a year now, Keith “One Time” Thurman had been calling out Paulie Malignaggi for a title fight. Well now that Broner has Paulie’s belt, why not fight him? Not to mention Thurman could pose some interesting problems for Broner. Malignaggi showed Broner can be hit, both to the body and face when you use combinations. His issue was that he had no power to do any damage. That is something Thurman has no problem with as 18 of this 20 wins have came via knockout. Thurman’s boxer-puncher style and being naturally larger would pose legitimate problems for Adrien should they meet at 147. They are both under Golden Boy Promotions and both under Al Haymon management, so on paper it would be an easy fight to book.

Lucas Matthysse vs. Danny Garcia winner

Adrien’s sudden jump to 147lbs robbed us of seeing him climb through the divisions and gain belts as he went along. It wasn’t that he couldn’t make the weight; it was more of not wanting to try. With that said, a seven pound cut is still doable for young Broner and would open the door for a monster matchup. Plans are coming together for a mega junior welterweight showdown with Lucas Matthysse and Danny Garcia for later this year and Broner could come down in weight to take on the winner. Garcia is the current kingpin at 140lbs, displaying a slick boxing style, crisp power punches and ton of grit in his fights. His fast active hands and footwork would pose the same problems Broner had with Paulie, but with Danny having more power the results could be different. While Matthysse could be the most feared puncher below 154lb, just ask Lamont Peterson who went down three times in three rounds in their fight in May. His come forward style could either put pressure on Broner or have him stepping into Adrien’s counter punches all night. With all three being under Golden Boy Promotions and the management (see the trend here) a fight could easily be done.

Marco Maidana

Maybe the fight that makes the most sense for Broner is Marcos Maidana. Broner was asked prior to the Malignaggi bout about possibly facing Maidana next,  “Maidana is Maidana.  Everybody knows Maidana bring to the table” said Broner. “If the best fight for Adrien Broner after this fight is Maidana then Maidana will get it”. In two of his losses against Devon Alexander and Amir Khan, Marcos showed he had a tough time dealing with fighters with fast hands and good footwork. But his game is being tightened up under famed trainer Robert Garcia, who should help him be better prepared this time when taking on someone with those skill sets. His viscous body punches could play a major factor if these two were to meet.

Anyone from Top Rank

Boxing’s Cold War between Top Rank and Golden Boy is bad for the growth of the sport. In this case again, the fans are jerked and more than likely will never see some intriguing matchups. Just think on how Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao would devise a game plan to fight Broner, which would be the closest thing they would get to Floyd Mayweather. Or, the amount of smack talk that would come from a Brandon Rios vs. Broner bout?  How about a chess match with him and Juan Manual Marquez? Hell, even a fight with Timothy Bradley would be interesting. Sadly with Top Rank’s Bob Arum and Golden Boy’s Oscar de la Hoya at odds, none of these bouts would see the light of day.

Floyd Mayweather

They said they would never fight each other. They even refer to each other as little and big brother, which is both cheesy and creepy all at the same time. But we all know in the sport of boxing money talks. The fight could be billed as a changing of the guard or possible passing of the torch in the build up to it. If enough money was thrown their way from Showtime and its parent company Viacom, the fight would happen. The thing is, no matter how much Adrien patterns himself to Floyd both in and out of the ring and even if Floyd is getting older, there is only one Floyd Mayweather. Broner is using a style the Mayweather family has crafted over the years, so they would know how to break it down, know its core weaknesses and know how to beat it.

Who Should Adrien Broner Fight Next

What’s Next: Floyd Mayweather

By: Danny Richardson

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Earlier this month, pound for pound king Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, was released from prison after completing an 87 day sentence for domestic abuse. The self-proclaimed ‘Pretty Boy’ was rumoured to be struggling with life on the inside, but upon release on August 3rd, the multi weight world champion looked in great shape and rumours about retirement proved false. Since his release, there have been questions over who Mayweather will face next, with potential opponents including Robert Guerrero, Miguel Cotto and the usual suspect, Manny Pacquiao.

Although it’s still the fight we all want to see, a showdown with the Pac Man looks no closer to being materialised. Should Mayweather return to the ring before the year is out, it’s unlikely to be against Pacquiao, with Manny rumoured to be back early December against a TBA opponent. Unless promoter Bob Arum see’s the light, don’t expect a Christmas cracker between the two.

So, who will be next for the unbeaten 35 year old? At this point, it’s difficult to say. Everyone has an opinion on who Mayweather should face, with the likes of Saul Alvarez, Amir Khan and Andre Berto in with a shout. Timothy Bradley, who controversially conquered Manny Pacquiao in June, has also been mentioned as a possible opponent for Mayweather, but we are no closer to discovering who Floyd Jr will be facing next.

To be frank, it’s totally up to the man himself. He’s the PPV king, so whoever he decides to face, the fight will sell and money will be made. After beating Miguel Cotto in May, in what was probably the most entertaining fight of Mayweather’s career, the boxing world will once again want to tune in to witness his greatness. Whoever he chooses to face, it’s a fight that fight fans will get excited about.

Personally, I would like to see Mayweather face an unbeaten prospect, and a fight with Canelo Alvarez would fit the bill. Alvarez is due to face Josesito Lopez in September, and should he come through the fight unscathed, a bout with Mayweather would likely take place late this year. The light middleweight world champion would be a good test for Mayweather, he’s young, hungry and rated as a future pound for pound king, so a Mayweather victory would assert his authority in the P4P rankings.

However, I don’t see Mayweather taking what would be a tough fight with Alvarez. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Floyd is ducking Canelo, I just feel after the Cotto test, he’ll be looking for an easier fight before stepping it up again. If that’s the case, I feel the most likely opponent is Robert Guerrero.

Guerrero was rumoured to be in the frame for Mayweather’s May 5th date, but missed out to Miguel Cotto. However he’s still calling for a fight with Money May, and that could be all the motivation Mayweather needs to shut Guerrero up. He’s a tough fighter with some good wins over the likes of Michael Katsidis and Vincente Escobedo, and has only been beaten once, a split decision defeat back in 2005. He has 18 KO victories from 30 wins, but is without his last 4 fights have gone the distance. He’s a tough opponent, but he isn’t on the same level as Mayweather, who would look to win in style, and it’s a fight I can see happening.

There is talk of a Cotto rematch, and after their first encounter, fans will pay to see it again. However it could only end the same way in my opinion, plus Cotto is rumoured to be in line for a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, so a return with Mayweather is less likely at this point. Andre Berto has only just got his licence back after failing a drugs test, so won’t want to face Mayweather so soon, and Amir Khan isn’t the name Mayweather needs. Coming off a 4th round TKO loss to Danny Garcia, Mayweather won’t achieve anything by whooping Khan at this stage, so that’s probably one for the future.

The other option is Timothy Bradley, who is still without an opponent for his ring return, after controversially beating Manny Pacquiao in June. It’s looking likely that Pacquiao won’t take the Bradley rematch, so a fight between Mayweather and ‘Desert Storm’ could happen at some stage. If Mayweather could beat Bradley and deal with him easier than Pacquiao did, then it would send out a message to the Pac Man. A unification clash between the pair would be a huge fight, but I don’t know whether Bradley will go there just yet. He’s just beaten Pacquiao, so will probably look to a couple of defences before mixing it with Mayweather.

This is just my opinion however, so don’t be surprised if we see Mayweather in with any of the above. Some are more likely than others, but down the line, all are possibilities. One thing is for sure, whoever Mayweather decides to face, we’ll all be tuning in to see the return of the P4P King.

What’s Next: Don King

By: Big Steve G., Gordie Tamayo

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One of the most charismatic personalities in the sport and in this country, Don King has had his share of fame and controversy as much as any character. King had rumored dealings with the mob and did a short prison term after killing a man, only to become one of the most successful boxing promoters of all time.

King is living proof that if you can make it in America you can make it anywhere. He has been the center of many headlines including the story of how he showed up at Larry Holmes’s door at 3AM in the morning with a briefcase filled with about 3 million dollars cash and convinced Holmes to come back and take on Mike Tyson.

He has been great for the sport however his time appears to be done. For most of the 90’s, Showtime was considered the Don King Network since they only showed Don King promoted cards and fights. Towards the end of the 90’s Showtime moved away from Don King and started promoting other cards from different promoters.

So although King moves away from the spotlight of what’s current in the sport, his footprint remains forever embedded. His contribution was critical in elevating the sport’s popularity and building a platform for other fighters to make a career out of it.

America is known as the mecca of boxing. Fighters like Ricky Hatton, Amir Kahn and Joe Calzaghe all had to come to America in order to compete against boxers on an American stage and increase their name recognition. Great fighters like Darius Michalczewski who gave fighters a lot of problems never reached that echelon because many of his bouts were only fought in Germany. Felix Sturm will always be remembered as the guy who “almost” beat Oscar De La Hoya because he does not come back to fight in the States. All examples of the deeper meaning behind the Don Kingism “Only In America”.