Chavez Jr. meets Maravilla

By: Gordie Tamayo Follow me @TheTitleFight
A match-up many believed to be as unlikely to happen as Elvis’s resurrection, became a reality this week as undefeated WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. faced off against two division champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez to announce their upcoming bout for middleweight champion rights which is set to take place Mexican Independence Day weekend September 15th at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

After an ongoing exchange of verbal left hooks between camps that has grown in intensity over the years, the two polar opposites and their respective promoters have finally come to terms to settle one of the most anticipated grudge matches amongst two superstars in the sport today.

Chavez Jr. who has been viewed as the son of a living legend, spoon fed through the ranks to a championship title, has silenced many doubters through his most recent fights but not without picking up his share of controversy along the way.

Marred by speculation over illegal use of PEDS and questionable weight management tactics, Chavez Jr. continues to raise doubts despite his obvious ring improvement over higher quality opposition.

Martinez on the other hand has been the poster child for advocating against violence towards women and one who has garnered the respect of audiences by seeking out the elite.  Sure one can assume part of his quest stems from bigger pay days, but when the rubber meets the road, Martinez has defied virtually every odd set against him.

Despite getting a late start in the game and being years behind where most would consider their prime, Martinez continues to pull out surprises and remind viewers why he is dubbed “Maravilla”.

With his hand speed and power to match, we could witness an aggressive Chavez becoming target practice.  Or, we may see a second generation legend stamp his place amongst the elite and rise to the occasion as a true Mexican warrior.  Regardless of the records on the line and outcome, these two seemed destined to battle and fans are in for one classic show down.

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