DeMarco vs Broner Scouting Report

By: Brandon Stubbs

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On November 17 boxing fans will truly see who the best 135lb fighter in the world is and who will run the division for the coming years. Adrien Broner will move up in weight to challenge WBC Lightweight Champion Antonio DeMarco for his belt. This match up came together quickly after DeMarco crushed John Monila in 44 seconds in route to his title defense on September 7. So, DeMarco’s promoter Gary Shaw was able to book him one more big bout before 2012 is out. For Broner, he is coming off of a less then stellar effort and win against Vicente Escobedo on July 21. Broner didn’t make weight and had his promoter Golden Boy pay heavy to keep Escobedo in the fight. Not sure if the extra money was worth it for Escobedo in him taking a beating via a 5th round TKO loss.

On paper this has all the makings to be an outstanding fight. Both fighters are in their 20’s, not in their true prime yet and both are known for their punching power. Broner has finished his fights with an 83% KO rate and DeMarco owning a 75% rate himself. Both men know how to bring the fight and should no problem entertaining the crowd. They have equally been on a big stage before whether it was headlining title belt cards in their hometown or being a co-feature on mega fights. This will be the first real top tier fighter Broner has fought and how will he react? By the sounds of it he will be ready. “I’m very blessed and I’m very happy. I’m not going to take him lightly. He’s a good fighter, a world class fighter and he deserves to be champion. He is not world champion for nothing, but I have the talent to do what I want to do. On Nov. 17, everyone will know why I’m ‘The Problem.’ Everybody has their time and it’s Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner’s time.” DeMarco has both the boxing skill and power to match Broner; a first for any Broner opponent. So who do I think will win? With the fight being over a month and half away, its still a bit early for my prediction. However, I will let you know what I think both camps will need to do to get the W come November 17.

First with the challenger Adrien Broner. 1.) Make weight. Broner can not afford a second straight bout of missing weight.  “The weight is not a problem”, Broner said. “I know the weight thing is a big deal because of what happened and people wonder if I can make the weight but I just grew out of (junior lightweight). I guarantee you I will be 135 pounds or less for this fight. Making this weight is not going to be a problem.” 2.) Take your time. With DeMarco being a true pro and world class fighter, Broner can not go in and rush in for  the “one hitter quitter” or he could walk into one himself. 3.) You’re a boxer, so box. It’s clear Broner is one of the best pure boxers in the game today. The problem with “The Problem” is at times he likes to showboat in the ring and in a fight like this, that would be a really bad idea. 4.) Be professional. This falls in line with the prior key. Broner needs to grow up, both in/out side of the ring. That means making weight, no late-night runs for fast  food while taking pictures on Instagram, no large crew or as he calls them, his “Band Camp” to distract him, no recording rap songs for your entrance and lastly NO HAIR BRUSHING!

Now for Antonio DeMarco, it’s a bit simpler. 1.) Pressure, pressure. We have yet to see how Broner can react to constant pressure. If DeMarco can stay on him and limit the punching space, things can get difficult for Broner. 2.) Close the gap. Now this goes in line with the first tip. With both men owning a 71” reach, there is no reason DeMarco should stay on the outside and risk getting picked apart. Close the gap and make it an inside fight. 3.) To brawl or box. If this turns into a true boxing match, Broner may have the slight edge and could take it on the cards. So, DeMarco needs to turn this into a dog fight. DeMarco has been in this position before when he took on a highly touted undefeated champion in Jorge Linares and he ended up making it a long, rough night for him and finally getting a TKO in the 11th. 4.) Own the pace and set the tone. If Antonio can set the pace early and take control of the ring, it will be interesting how it will effect Broner’s mental game. Keeping the pressure on and closing off the ring may lead Broner to having to change his game plan mid-fight which may be tough for the young fighter to do.

All boxing fans should be tune into this bout come November 17 from The Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ on HBO. The winner will set themselves up for being one of boxing’s breakout stars and even bigger fights going into 2013.



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