Drug Tests for Chavez Jr. vs Martinez Negative

By: Gordie Tamayo
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The ongoing questions on titleholder Julio Cesar Chavez jr. and him playing by the “No PEDS” rules, have been brought to surface once again and answered some questions.  The Nevada State Athletic Commission made a surprise stop July 11th at the Chavez vs Martinez promotional news conference hosted by the Wynn Resort, for their cataclysmic clash September 15 on HBO PPV at The Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

After a two hour notice, both fighters returned with samples to be tested which were confirmed this Thursday to be negative.  Chavez Jr. has been under continual scrutiny after his November 2009 bout vs Troy Rowland in which the Nevada Commission tested him positive for Furosemide.  Since then, his promoter has chosen alternative locations for his fights in which testing either has not been upheld or as strictly enforced.  Now that the champion is touching base on old stomping grounds, the Nevada Commission seems to be proactive in ensuring both fighters are playing by the books.

Observers still have room to question though.  Martinez has always came across as an athletewho stays in shape 24/7 and has left little if any reason to question his integrity when it comes to unauthorized weight loss or performance enhancing techniques.

Chavez Jr. on the othe hand, transforms into a filled out fighter hours after final weigh-ins and in between scheduled bouts appears as though he just left the buffet line.  So, did he pass the 1st test merely because it is too early and has not needed the help yetor has Jr. been clean all along?  One thing is for sure; come fight night, the heat that has been building between these two could burn any trace of evidence by nights end.

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