Fighting Father-Time: Mosley, De La Hoya, Johnson, Holyfield, Jones Jr.

Fighting Father-Time: Mosley, De La Hoya, Johnson, Holyfield, Jones Jr.

By: Brandon Stubbs
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At what point in a fighter’s life will they realize that they are tired of getting repeatedly punched in the face? Recently rumors have been circling about many of my favorite fighters either ending their retirements or a “farewell” fight before retirement.

The latest in this trend is “Sugar” Shane Mosley. The last time we seen the 41 year old, he was on the wrong end of a one sided beating by Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez this past May. After that fight he stated he wanted one  more bout then likely done, but left a window open for a return. Looks like Polish promoter Andrzej Wasilewski is trying to climb in that window. Wasilewski is flashing some cash at Mosley in hopes of him coming to Poland and taking on undefeated junior welterweight Damian Jonak. As of right now, there is no firm word if Mosley is considering this offer and lets hope he doesn’t. With no wins in almost four years and three one side losses to Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather as well as a draw to Sergio Mora who clearly out worked him the whole fight; “Sugar” Shane ain’t looked so sweet these past few years.

One of Mosley’s career counterparts, Oscar De La Hoya is another one flirting with the idea of a comeback. He sent the internet ablaze over the weekend with the tweet: “I’m really confident I can do some damage to any 54 pounder in the world, except Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez”. Over the last few years this has became the norm for Oscar. Every few months he’ll throw a tweet about training or how he would match up with certain fighters, only to recant or play stupid when pressed about a comeback. The last image we have of Oscar is a tired, beat man on his stool quitting after going up against the faster, younger Manny Pacquiao in 2008. In wake of his retirement he has built a promoting juggernaut in Golden Boy Promotions, did drugs, and got clean and hell bent on destroying Bob Arum. Can’t lie, I would like to see Oscar come back for one more fight and erase that image of a beat man alone on his stool.

Known as the “Road Warrior”, Glenn Johnson has never backed down from a fight and will go anywhere to have it. For years he was a fixture in the super-middleweight and light-heavyweight divisions. But, the past two years haven’t been so great for him, going 2-4 during the span. The last loss came this July against an up and comer Andrej Fonfara via unanimous decision. After the fight he sat down with the ESPN Friday Nights crew and told them he was done. Well, that lasted all of four months when the 43 year old announced last week that he is coming back to take on British super-middleweight George Groves in London on Dec. 15. For Johnson it  is more about competing and seeing where he’s at than title belts. “I feel differently now. I would love an opportunity to see if I can still fight the way I feel like I can. If I don’t step in the ring and give it a shot I won’t know, so I want to step in the ring and give it a shot.” Johnson has always taken care of himself both in and out of the ring, that’s hope this will be his last go at it after a Hall of Fame career.

Unlike the three previous boxers I’ve mention, Evander Holyfield should never get in a ring again. After turning 50 on Oct. 19, the “Real Deal” said he was done and we all said ‘finally and thank you Evander’. Well that thank you wouldn’t last long as days later he changed his mind and will continue to fight in hopes of being the heavyweight champion once again. Two questions on that, who is he going to fight or have a legit chance to beat? And who would pay to watch this train wreck? Speaking of train wrecks I now come to one of my favorite boxers of all time Roy Jones Jr. Here is a guy who has nothing left to prove and needs to just stop. In his prime he would fight in front a sold out crowds in jam packed arenas and now he is having fights in civic centers out of the country against C level fighters. He has a good job doing play by play with HBO and I could even see him being one hell of a good trainer for a lot of fighters in the game today. But Roy enjoys the rush and plans to fight more. The latest rumor is a fight with famed street fighter turned UFC rough neck who has now turned boxer Kimbo Slice.

The moral to all of this is stop. Stop saying you’re going to retire and then accept someone waving cash to get you back in the ring. Stop taking meaningless fight just to massage your ego. Stop blowing your money in your prime to where to have to continue to fight to make a living. Stop letting your body take unnecessary punishment and think about your future before you sign on the dotted line. And finally, stop trying to fight father time, last time I checked he is undefeated and looks to be unstoppable.

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