Gennady Golovkin Makes U.S. Debut With a Bang

By: Heath Harlem
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The night started with as much anticipation as questions. American fans like myself wanted to see who Gennady Golovkin was and if he was as good as advertised. From the opening bell we quickly saw that the product delivered was better than advertised and we now have a new charismatic star in American Boxing.

Facing Grzegorz Proksa, a top ten 160lb fighter in his U.S. debut, Golovkin wasted no time making his presence felt. Proksa, who throughout his amateur and pro career had never been put on the canvas, felt Golovkin’s power early on and was dropped in the first round. Proksa showed a fighters heart battling back while clearly hurt, but he was simply overmatched by Golovkin’s superior speed, footwork and power. Gennady kept command of the ring using his jab to keep Grzegorz at bay and landed devastating power shots to the body that were causing serious damage. Proksa hit the canvas again in round four and for a third and final time in round five when referee Charlie Fitch called a halt to the bout 1:11 into the round.

By fights end Gennady had clearly won the crowd over in Verona, NY as chants of “GGG” broke out in the arena. In the post-fight interview we got to see boxing’s new charismatic star, with a big smile and strong command of the English language. Golovkin was gracious calling Proksa a tough opponent, and described fighting in the United States on HBO as a dream. He told HBO’s Max Kellerman that he is here ready to fight and willing to fight anyone from 154-168lbs.

While his smile and charisma he may be a marketers dream. I can’t imagine anyone in the 160lb division too eager to step in the ring with Golovkin after witnessing the damage he imposes on his opponents. The winner of the Martinez/Chavez fight seems to be an obvious choice for Golovkin’s next bout, however bouts with Geale, Pirog, or even Floyd Mayweather or Andre Ward (as HBO’s Max Kellerman suggested in ring), would be must see bouts. 


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