Beltran Drops the Hammer on ‘Hammerin’ Hank Lundy

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By: Gordie Tamayo
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Hank Lundy (22-1-1-11KO) vs Ray Beltran (25-6-17KO)

A bout that was matched to inch Lundy closer to a title shot and a possible bout with the likes of Adrien Broner ended in disappointment for Lundy and camp on Friday Night Fights. 

Lundy’s day had started off rough as he came in over the contracted weight for Friday’s bout but that proved to be the least of his problems.  He was coming in against veteran work horse Ray Beltran who is more known for being a sparring partner for Manny Pacquiao and Amir Kahn than a viable obstacle in the way of a title shot.  Handlers had expected for Lundy to decisively win and move on to bigger bouts only to find Beltran more than they bargained for.

Lundy came in with great movement and used his speed to find openings while Beltran kept coming forward and finding opportunities to counter Lundy’s defense.  Beltran did not waiver from his game plan and continued the forward assault which proved a problem for Lundy.

Both fighters got into some heated exchanges with Lundy going to the body and Beltran coming upstairs with some authoritative counters.  At one point they almost dropped each other after Lundy landed a solid left hook moments before Beltran landed one of his own to end the round.

Going into the later rounds Lundy resorted back to boxing in an attempt to keep Beltran at bay in the center of the ring.  Although Lundy was clearly the more polished boxer, it was Beltran’s work rate and no surrender mentality that made the difference in the judges scoring.  There could have been a decision either way but as a result of Beltran’s persistence into the later rounds, the scores were in favor of Beltran (95-95 on one judges card and 96-94 on the other two).

Beltran celebrates the biggest win of his career that he definitely earned and Lundy goes back to the drawing board.  Although Lundy’s plans of a title shot may be in hiatus for the moment, his fan friendly style should not keep him off the airwaves for too long and we may see him in contention for a title shot down the road.

Televised Co-Feature:
Farah Ennis (19-1-12KO) vs Richard Pierson (11-3-8KO)

The opening bout started with Ennis as the aggressor and Pierson reluctant to take any chances.  Ennis was clearly the more confident in the opening rounds, even to the point of becoming almost reckless in swinging for the home-run only to be caught with a few counters from Pierson in the fourth.

As the fight progressed into the fifth round it appeared Pierson was gaining some confidence and was just a late starter.  He landed solid counters and a killer uppercut in the sixth round that would have sent Ennis to the canvas had he more power. 

Pierson failed to keep the momentum by setting up his shots with a jab that was there all day for Ennis’s protruding chin and as a result Ennis managed to get to work on the body and swept the later rounds to get the unanimous decision.

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