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There is an old proverb that says…”One is rated by others as he rates himself.” It’s a rather simple, straight to the point and easy teaching to decipher. Know your value. Sadly in today’s society this is easier said than done. In public schools alone, as a teenager this said task of “knowing your value” is quite the challenge. Between fashion trends, music trends, interests, (this list goes on) its hard to fit in and be yourself in this time taxing process. Here’s the thing…..we grow up to become adults and get taxed financially so why tax your time as well in being someone you aren’t? The key is to not fit in but yet, stand out. This is a lot easier done than said.

When we are ourselves in any situation good or bad in life, it is only then we can calculate one’s value. Imagine if every mathematical formula ever created had the exact same equation. Well, in a sense this is possible. For every problem we experience in life, it calculates to your character’s reaction and ability to figure out that problem. Basically, if you were to mathematically add up every problem you’ve faced in life, it equates to you.

For example: Life + Issues = Your character. Or how about, Life + Issues x Patience – People’s opinions = Your character. You see where im going with this, right?

Rarely, in life do we cross paths with an individual in possession of such ability to equate every mathematical issue in life to one’s true character. I have had this rare opportunity. For those of you who are boxing fans, you have also witnessed such rarity. If you’ve religiously or even occasionally been a spectator of Showtime’s major boxing events the past couple of years then you have also experienced what I have in such an individual.

Meet professional boxer and former world champion, Austin “No doubt” Trout. Lets step “In the Phone Booth“…..

First off, welcome and thanks for getting in the phone booth. Its always a blessing to catch up and talk life. Now obviously as a figure in the limelight you have to continue to establish your mark in your weightclass as well as your brand in the business….BUT…..we’re not here for all that! On several occasions I hear “I would kick it with Austin. He seems like a cool dude” So that’s today’s mission…let your fans hang out with you via this interview.

We’re just gonna jump right into it. First question….

@medafORACLE: You show up to the gym for an afternoon workout, Louie (Burke) says “I’m gonna put on some Olivia Newton-John….what’s your reaction and what do you do?

@NoDoubtTrout: Its funny you ask that because Louie does ish like that. when he does throw a monkey wrench in my vibe I usually just go with it for a while, I mean I’m not the only one in the gym so I should allow everyone to hear their kind of music…..for two songs then I’m throwing “Clap for Him” back on lol.


@medafORACLE: Since we like to keep the bridge of music and boxing un-burned, we’re going to stay on this subject for a sec. What’s in your deck right now AND do you and the wife ever fight over DJ privileges in the car?

@NoDoubtTrout: Right now ive been listening to Childish Gambino pretty heavy. Naw wifey has no complaints about what I spin, besides if it was left up to her we would have beyonce on repeat the whole trip lol.


@medafORACLE: As many know (but not everyone), 50 Cent is an ex boxer and former New York Golden Glove Champ. Who in today’s rap game do you think would survive in the squared circle? Part two of this question is, who do you think would lack the skill and mental fortitude to compete out of today’s rappers?

@NoDoubtTrout: Who knows with this heavyweight division in its state im sure he could get a win over some semi named fighters. 50 definitely has the discipline to be a contender in my opinion.


@medafORACLE: Ok, same question but reversed. Now before you answer, we’re going to make it a little more cerebral just in case you have some fans who are Hip Hop heads. As every Hip Hop knows, there is a difference between an emcee and a rapper. Emcees are more strategic and versatile with their craft and rappers…..well, they just rap. So what fighters do you think would make for great emcees and who would have just enough skill to be a rapper?

@NoDoubtTrout: Andre Ward is definitely an emcee of the game! Floyd Mayweather is the KRS 1 of boxing, then you got guys like Alfredo Angulo and Carlos Molina are rapper type fighters.


@medafORACLE: A lot of your fans know you’re a true gamer. So, imagine in a obscure yet perfect world, EA Sports teams up with the creators of Walking Dead and create a zombie themed game……WITH BOXERS! Yes….boxers. In a zombie apocalypse, you can only choose five boxers to survive with….who are they?

@NoDoubtTrout: Floyd Mayweather because he has all the resources, Andre Ward because he has God with him, Angulo looks like he knows how to pitch a tent and filter water lol, Danny Garcia because he’s a survivor, and Vladimir Klitchko to handle all the big zombies.


@medafORACLE: Speaking of gaming; what game system are you rocking with heavy right now and what game are you glued to? Go ahead and slide the fans the gamer tag if you’d like and if they want to get some.

@NoDoubtTrout: Im heavy on the Xbox 1,Gghosts is the best right now. But my all time favorite game is PS3s “The Last of Us”


Xbox1: NoDoubtTrout

PS3: Nodoubttrout1


@medafORACLE: As a fan, student, historian and competitor of the sport, there are a LOT of fights I would like to see but more than likely never will (for obvious reasons). As a fan, what is your dream fight you would like to see and who wins?

@NoDoubtTrout: Of course Mayweather – Pacquiao (Mayweather) two years ago.


@medafORACLE: Same question but different era. What’s a fight you would have loved to see in the past?

@NoDoubtTrout: The Leonard – Hagler (Hagler) rematch.


@medafORACLE: As always it’s a blessing and pleasure, my man. I appreciate you taking the time to step in the phone booth with me. Any last words of encouragement, inspiration, shout outs, shameless plugs or jokes you’d like to leave the fans with?

@NoDoubtTrout: I appreciate you having me on here. It was mad fun chopping it up with you “In the Phone Booth“. Im very excited for the future of hip hop and boxing. I am also excited to be a part of that future of boxing 2014 is going to be a good year. God bless you all!!

Trout vs Cotto






Photo Credit: Ray Stubblebine/Reuters

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