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Feli Fame

Feli Fame

By: Gordie Tamayo

The South has a deep history of struggle, determination and triumph. It is also home to one of boxing’s most dangerous threats to the heavyweight division; Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder. And despite the brief amateur background, Wilder was able to disrupt the odds and pound his way through the national ranks, upsetting favorites from the National Golden Gloves and the US championships to eventually become the only American boxer to medal at the 2008 Summer Games, taking home the bronze.

As if those accolades were not enough to pay notice to, Wilder busted on the professional scene in jaw-dropping fashion by halting his opponent inside of two rounds; 30 fights later the aftermath has been all the same as none have made it to the final bell. His raw power comes across as uncontrolled rage at times, but this is not to be mistaken for a controlled purpose as every time he laces them up, he is reminded of why he does it; his daughter. And although not his first love, the fight-game has provided Wilder with an opportunity to once again prove why he should not be overlooked.

Despite the ongoing criticism in opposition, Wilder continues to demolish anyone in destruction’s path regardless of who’s placed in front of him. There is no hoax in his work ethic or willingness to bang with the big dogs and the matchmaking appears to be genius, as named fighters are now calling out his name; Wilder has been more than willing to oblige.

With punch lines and metaphors as lethal as Wilder’s overhand right, North Carolina’s own Feli Fame is already racking up attention from hip hop heavyweights like Cam’ron and 50 Cent (now promoting boxing), landing an appearance on Cam’ron & The U.N. present “Heat in Here” Vol. 1 along other mixtapes. Carrying more than geography in common, like Wilder, Fame is upsetting the odds in an industry where only the strong survive and diligent are rewarded. When it comes to show time, Fame delivers from the dome to the booth with enough precision to ward off even the most seasoned MC. We invited FameIn the Phone Booth” with us to discuss his infiltration of hip hop, who “Propane” is and more. Knuckle up.

@TheTitleFight : Welcome to “In the Phone BoothFame. We know of some of your most recent work in the mixtape game and having made your way inside of renowned publications like The Source Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly, but tell us about your beginnings. How did you get introduced to the game?

@FeliFame : My beginnings were in North Carolina writing songs on the school bus and performing in talent shows at school, my talent show performances was the highlights of the school was so serious that my teachers would pick me up from school if my grandmother couldn’t take me. Sometimes I was Snoop Dogg & some times I was Usher. I didn’t know what route I would take, I just knew I loved Music. BTW I was usher more than I was Snoop Dogg, but most would say I was introduced to the game by Cam’ron.


@TheTitleFight : In the fight-game, a fighter at times must be ready at a moment’s notice for that make-or-break call. Listening to tracks like A-E-I-O-U produced by DJ Drama highlight your abilities as an MC and indicates your dedication and preparation to your craft. How do you continue to develop your skills to stay on top of your game?

@FeliFame : I think about my progression, it keeps me going, it keeps me sane, keeps me wanting more out of my profession. I look at it like, I didnt have a cousin that raps or a uncle that owned a studio and no industry connections with any one. I just decided to do a mixtape and figured I’d find my way and was willing to accept the fact that I would have to do it alone. Now I have a team, a great support system, movies and fortune 500 companies behind me and they are all very supportive and this is something I’ve done myself. One man with a dream and some passion, and A-E-I-O-U was so tough for me to write because not only was I already performing as a Redbull act, but I had also lost my grandmother so my mind was all over the place. But just like a title fight, you have to roll with the punches life may throw at you and thats what I did and what I continue to do.


@TheTitleFight : As any world-class fighter would tell you, pitting yourself against the best is the mark of a champion. It’s the way one tests their skills and establishes themselves as supreme. You sparked enough interest in vets like Cam’ron to have your material featured alongside them. How did that experience happen and help you moving forward?

@FeliFame : I was persistent, just felt like that’s where I should be as a new artist and when it happened for me, I tried to make the best out of it.


@TheTitleFight : Take a fighter like Gennady Golovkin. All smiles and calm demeanor outside of the ring but once in the ring, an alternate beast unearths and wreaks havoc to the delight of fans worldwide. Your alter-ego is known as “Propane”. Tell us about him and how he came about?

@FeliFame : Honestly, that’s exactly what i feel like. That’s exactly what it is with me, its like a on and off switch. When I’m on I’m on, aggressively.


@TheTitleFight : Just like in boxing, the hip hop game is a tough shell to crack through. With so many artists out there vying for the same opportunities and exposure, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?

@FeliFame : I try to make sure I always come different, whether its my look sound or my actions. For example, I wear rollers here and there just to stand out, I change up my voice on tracks to create a different feel and i also produce my own short films just to give my supporters more of me as a person and artist.


@TheTitleFight : Sparring with world-class opponents is one way that a fighter preps for the big stage. Are there any artists in particular you have worked with or would like to work with in preparation for the next level in your career?

@FeliFame : Childish Gambino, Ty Dolla Sign, Drake and Big Sean would definitely be some names I want to work with this year.


@TheTitleFight : Many fighters have a trademark style or punch. Do you have any particular part of your delivery that you would say defines you or that people recognize as Fame/Propane?

@FeliFame : I would say my wordplay. I just have fun with creativity. Being able to flow is my gift.


@TheTitleFight : What do you have currently in the works leading into 2014 or what can viewers be on the lookout for?

@FeliFame : Definitely be on the look out for a new movie from me along with new music and visuals….im anxious.


@TheTitleFight : Any last words you would like to leave readers with?

@FeliFame : Keep in touch with me  on instagram and twitter @felifame #MNDS.

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