In the Phone Booth with Michelle Rosado

By: @medafORACLE

Legendary. Rare. Beautifully elegant. Forever searched for but never found. Since antiquity such words have been used to describe this creature. Often when said word (creature) is heard, humanity’s thoughts often travel to a descriptive world of words such as “Ugly”, deformed, or an abomination but; never have these words been used to describe a Unicorn. A non “scientific” definition of a unicorn is a female every man searches for. Beauty. Brains. Sane. Funny. Hard working. Loyal and in my case…..a boxing head. As bearer of good news and history, I am here to tell the fellas they do exist! And I had the pleasure to talk to one. Ladies and gentleman, I bring you; Michelle Rosado better known as Raging Babe. Let’s step “In The Phone Booth…….


@medafORACLE : Michelle, welcome to the phone booth! Its more than an honor to have you join us. For those who dont know who you are, introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself; where you come from and what you stand for, hopes, dreams, blood type, bra size……juuuust kidding. Who is Michelle Rosado a.k.a. Raging Babe?

@M_RagingBabe : Well, “Michelle Rosado” is a full-time engineer and a full-time boxing enthusiast. I wear many different hats. I work with various boxers, promoters, and managers. I provide branding, marketing, media relations, and financial acquisition services. A “Raging Babe” is a lover, fighter, and a survivor. She is ambitious, passionate, strong, and determined.


@medafORACLE : So when did you first fall in love with boxing?

@M_RagingBabe : I tell people that it was Mike Tyson who grabbed my attention. He was a character. He was intimidating. He was controversial. You never knew what was going to come out his mouth or what he would do in the ring. But, I fell IN LOVE with boxing in the mid-90s when Felix “Tito”Trinidad really hit the scene. His pride, heart, passion, and charisma were undeniable and captivating.


@medafORACLE : You have an online store with boxing gear and novelties. How did that come about and what sparked the idea?

@M_RagingBabe : Women love boxing and are just as addicted to boxing as men however; it was always difficult to find cute boxing tees and tanks for women. There is a void for everyday boxing apparel in general. My creative juices started flowing and about a year later, we have a shop at!


@medafORACLE : Alright, so; here “In the Phone Booth” I like to bridge the gap of music and boxing. What are you riding to in the whip right now?

@M_RagingBabe : I keep it old school. Today’s music gives me headaches and I’m not sure what the heck they are talking about. I’m still rocking out to old NAS, Biggie, Jay-Z, Big Pun, DMX. Old school salsa too such as Hector Lavoe, Jerry Rivera, and Marc Anthony. I also listen to Jasmine Sullivan, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Musiq Soulchild on the regular.


@medafORACLE : Music is often known for triggering emotion, good or bad and connecting us to memory. What song reminds you of your favorite boxing moment?

@M_RagingBabe : Has to be “Twinz.” Big Pun and Fat Joe rapped that live for Tito Trinidad at the Garden. That same night, Oscar De La Hoya came out to “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. Now that was funny!


@medafORACLE : Ironically I like “Bailamos”….horrible song to come out to though. In Hip Hop it used to be all about the skill. Today things have changed though. Out of today’s boxers from a skill set perspective, who would you say is the “Plies” of boxing today?

@M_RagingBabe : K9


@medafORACLE : Pretty accurate! Ok, if K9 is Plies, who would Andre Ward be?

@M_RagingBabe : Currently, he’d be NAS. Flow for days, almost effortlessly, nobody can touch him, but unfortunately  can be inactive in the game.


@medafORACLE : Every era of Hip Hop has had a super group being it was a super producer and emcee duo or a gang of dope emcees in one group from Sugar Hill Gang to Outkast to Wu-Tang to now currently, Slaughter House. If you were a boxer and could create a “super group” for your corner and team, who would it be?

@M_RagingBabe : Nacho, Ann Wolfe, and Mike Rodriguez (on the cuts). My manager would be the first lady of boxing, Jackie Kallen and Bruce Trampler would match my fights.


@medafORACLE : Now from what I understand, you’re a reality TV fan. Ok, imagine they made a “Real Boxers Of Vegas” show. Give me a group of fighters who would make you want to watch it.

@M_RagingBabe : Brandon Rios, Danny Garcia, Amir Khan, Victor Ortiz, Gabriel Rosado, Deontay Wilder, Roy Jones, and Keith Thurman. That show would win an Emmy!


@medafORACLE : I would without a doubt watch that show! I would throw Paulie Malignaggi on the scene too. So let’s say we live in a perfect world where you could be doing anything you want in the sport of boxing, what would it be?

@M_RagingBabe : I’d love to take Raging Babe Radio to another level and be on-air every day. We’re working on re-formatting and re-launching the show now, and seeking sponsors. But deep down, my gut tells me that I’d love to go back to Philly to promote local cards. Boxing is like a religion in Philadelphia, it’s a lifestyle. That’s where my heart is.


@medafORACLE : Same question, but in reverse. What would you absolutely refuse to be a part of in the sport?

@M_RagingBabe : Throwing a fight.


@medafORACLE : Ok last question but surely not least…… Will you marry me???

@M_RagingBabe : No, I’m sorry. I’m married to boxing.


@medafORACLE : Lol And they say females aren’t loyal these days! Michelle, as usual it’s always an absolute pleasure and abundance of smiles. Thank you so much for stepping “In the Phone Booth“! What can we expect from you coming in the future and where can you be contacted via social media or for business inquiries? And do you any last words for us?

@M_RagingBabe : This was so much fun! Thank you for the love! Stay tuned for Raging Babe Radio and follow me on Twitter @M_RagingBabe and on Instagram @RagingBabe


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