In the Phone Booth with Reecie Reece


By: Gordie Tamayo

In music and boxing, the type of mentality necessary to establish dominion in either field can come with a heavy price tag. Legends like Mike Tyson were tested against an assortment of challenges early on before they could ever envision conquering the world one day.  Let’s be honest, the obstacles never cease. They just take on a different form over time. It’s the #ChampionWithin that must surface from six feet deep, in what every future champion must endure…life.

Tyson had Bobby Stewart and Cus D’Amato as saving graces. Reecie Reece, a minister and his wife. After spending his younger years in the foster system, the couple adopted him and their ministry would become the foundation to shape the rest of his future in music. Behind church walls were where he first learned to play the saxophone, drums and piano. It was not quite a storybook finish though as tragedy would strike Reece once more. This time however, it was after he had found his vocation alongside his best friend through their hip hop cypher group. The violent death of his best friend could have derailed Reece, but instead it ignited a purpose to carry out to completion what they had started together.

Reece went on to collaborate with other artists, touring both nationwide and abroad in Europe which still left him unfulfilled. Turning back to those initial questions from years past on identity appeared to bring him back to center as he chose to go the solo route. He now even lends a hand to his own production and is firmly establishing his own enclave; one where he can set the rules. “Say Hello”.

@TheTitleFight : Reece, thanks for taking a few moments with us. Your story captivated us. We’ve seen you persevere through heartbreak and not in the stereotypical way of puppy love, but the kind from being abandoned by a parent yet paths crossing with a minister and wife who took you in as their own. This has to give you a sense that you were chosen for a purpose beyond yourself. How does this experience influence your approach in pursuing your music?

@SpikeReece : That’s a really good question. To be honest I believe that my life experiences has created my music. Over the years of development, my life experiences has wrapped itself around my artistry, becoming one. Although the events in my life fatally caught me by surprise  i figured i can either let these experiences break me or make me. So what you hear in my musice today is my pains and therapeutic thoughts which i believe is not only just to help myself but others who experienced similar experiences.


@TheTitleFight : To become an elite fighter you must do things that the average person is not willing to do. Do you find yourself in a similar category as you chase “rap dreams”?

@SpikeReece : I do. From making great sacrifices to actually spend time sharpening up my craft and putting together and presenting them over the years have led me to many places around the world that i never would’ve imagined. I mean I went from going back to school to obtain my general ED diploma to touring in Europe all within the same year. And I’m not saying that at all in a manner of boasting but clearly stating that whatever vision you have and obtain and work towards, doors will be begin to open. Great sacrifice and training can open up doors to cash prize fights and from there to opportunities which can lead to Championship matches. And this year alone had taught me to be ready in and out of season.


@TheTitleFight : Today in boxing we rarely see a fighter who has fully taken independence in the direction of their career. We understand that the production of some of your material is now in the hands of Reece himself. As an independent artist, creative freedom is a must (Ask Stereo Mike). At what point did you fully decide to take control over your career on the production end?

@SpikeReece : I decided to get involved with my production after realizing that my creativity and ideas are what makes me standout as an artist/fighter. If Ican apply these things as much into my music as I can, whether it’s in a beat or my mixing, I can turn melodies into memories.


@TheTitleFight : Many times a fighter must hit the road to establish a resume and pay the rent. Early on you had the opportunity to travel and share your material with an audience abroad. Talk to us about that experience and if you have any plans to embark on a similar tour again.

@SpikeReece : Yes I do as I went into before I had honored opportunities to tour across country and overseas into several different places while going back to school at the same time. It’s crazy when we make decisions to better ourselves while perfecting and creating crafts, good opportunities present themselves out of nowhere. God has blessed me and my team with the opportunity to impact so many lives. My band “Soul Hustle” Which is a Christian based hip hop crew based and formed in Northern California in 2007, took off in Sacramento sowing our gifts into the city and surrounding cities for four years faithfully, dropping and pushing four projects and rocking shows (most for free, no charge) had eventually led to tours on the East Coast and Europe. Our audience and gained fanbase over the course did most of the help financing. Greatly appreciated and looking forward to continue to happen. This year I had the opportunity perform live in the South for the first time and I’m looking to touring even more 2014.


@TheTitleFight : There are several high-profile fighters like Manny Pacquiao, Andre Ward and Austin Trout who boldly speak of their faith and how it pertains to their lifestyles of being a fighter despite some backlash. Your foundation in music was built in the church and you were once part of a Christian hip hop group that was instrumental in your early successes. Do you ever come across any kind animosity from others who know this part of your background; especially in an industry that is dominated by a secular machine?

@SpikeReece : No not at all! My fans support as well as trust the direction of my music and ability to impact lives outside of the Christian Music industry. They are widely aware that I am called to do great things in the secular world. And that I’d like to salute and show appreciation to right now so I thank all of you.


@TheTitleFight : Fighters are known to utilize out of the ring inspiration to motivate them through a dangerous battle ahead. On February 11, 1990 Buster Douglas entered the ring to face the most feared man in professional boxing at the time, Mike Tyson just 23 days after losing his mother to a stroke. After recovering from being sent to the canvas earlier in the bout, Douglas managed to dig deep and pull off one of the biggest upsets in sports history in stopping Tyson. What inspires your material and what you write about?

@SpikeReece : In 2006 I lost my brother after being murdered a long side of me. Mind you he was 10x’s more ambitious and talented than I could ever be. He had actually influenced most of my rap ability. So imagine  coming into your life freely building perfection and inspiration within you then disappearing out of your life so soon leaving you with such treasure. Over time of recovery it would leave you with a strong responsibility.


@TheTitleFight : Styles in fighters differ depending on ability, training and overall temperament. In the few tracks we have heard, we have witnessed almost an R&B flow over hip hop beats. How do you define your style and overall delivery or ultimately what are you aiming for?

@SpikeReece : Lol an “R&B flow over rap beat” i like that. Well honestly my goal is to just create timeless sound really. My music is full of surprises due to being heavenly influenced by several genres and great artists before myself. So you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.


@TheTitleFight : If your music could be the ring-walk music for any professional boxer, who would you pick and why?

@SpikeReece : If we could go back in time I’d pick Muhammad Ali. Lol No but I would pick Flyod Mayweather. Because I like his confidence as the greatest of his time as well as genuine humility.


@TheTitleFight : Everyone looks to other industry professionals for lessons learned, tips and motivation. Anyone in particular you pay close attention to who influence the direction of your music?

@SpikeReece : I mainly study the direction of the greats who Sacrifice their lives for the betterment of this world. Not just in music but in our history timelines period.


@TheTitleFight : Strategic career planning is a critical component in the sport of boxing where some don’t make it to retirement. What’s your exit strategy?

@SpikeReece : Yes it is very important. Well i am going to invest my gifts amd wealth into the lives of others as i am currently doing so it don’t stop.


@TheTitleFight : Any last words and/or shout outs you would like to leave readers with?

@SpikeReece : Yes indeed first I’d like to thank you guys for having me. I am honored. It’s been real lol.. To readers I just want to let you know that every opportunity that I’ve experienced in my past and will be seeing in my future has and will only happen because of God and the calling over my life. Not because “I’m paid” or “ballin”. This is deeper than rap, and bigger than me. God opens doors to those who believe.

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