In the Phone Booth with Shaun B.

By: Gordie Tamayo @TheTitleFight

The common belief is that a fighter’s career has a short shelf-life. Making as much money as possible and getting out before the effects of deteriorating health take their toll is the chess match played. However despite his relentless attack, it is not uncommon for some to defy ‘Father Time’; Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather being two of those examples. But perhaps the master of reinventing themselves and creating the ultimate exit strategy came well before them. Packaged into Freightliner size and carrying a punch to match it’s weight; known otherwise as ‘Big George’ Foreman.

Over the course of 29 years, ‘Big George’ went from Olympic gold medalist, to world Heavyweight Champion, ordained minister, successful entrepreneur and much more. During these various stages in life, George learned to leverage his notoriety to simultaneously captivate audiences and big businesses looking to capitalize on them. ‘Big George’ the minister may have summed it up best by quoting Proverbs 22: A good name is more desirable than great riches. In Foreman’s case, he reaped the rewards of both.

We give this example to set the backdrop for our latest guest Shaun Brazell aka Shaun B. Although maybe not on the same platform as Foreman, there are similar characteristics. The multi-talented musician with the colorful personality is no stranger to the spotlight and over a period of time, audiences have witnessed him transition between solo act, to radio host, band leader and brand ambassador. We invited Shaun B. to step “In the Phone Booth” with us to talk about his persistence to create a ubiquitous brand, how he manages to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry and how it all ties into the ‘Fight Game’. Knuckle Up.












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