Joel De La Hoya guiding hot new prospects

By: Gordie Tamayo Follow me @TheTitleFight
Julian Ramirez (2-0-2KO) and Francisco “El Bandido” Vargas who is a 2008 Olympian out of Mexico City (Super Featherweight) fighting this Saturday on the undercard of Sotto/Karass on Fox Sports. Hugo Centeno Jr. (Light Middleweight) (14-0-8KO) fights July 28th, on ShowBox.
: Gordie Tamayo here with We have Joel De La Hoya here for a special guest interview. Joel we have just a couple quick questions for you. Can you tell us a little bit about what you are working on now on the business side.

De La Hoya
: Absolutely I mean I got involved in the management side of it after working with my brother Oscar for so many years since his pro career, since 1992 and even before then helping him as coach and obviously helping him manage his career as well. So after he retired I took some time off and finally this year I got back into it. I was getting that little itch like they say, to get back in the game but all along I was helping my brother and the guys at Golden Boy with my advice and matchmaking and what have you. I finally decided to start helping out some kids; you know the management side of it advising and you know there’s a lot of great talent out there that can use the help if they can get the right kind of help and thats what I got into, management side of it and I have three kids right now.
: That’s great. So you got a couple guys that you’re helping in getting to that next platform that they are looking to get some exposure, a couple of which you having coming up for some national television exposure, can you tell us a little bit about them?

De La Hoya
: Absolutely. We have this Saturday coming up on Fox Sports here in California, Orange County this kid Julian Ramirez. He’s 2-0 2KO he’s just starting off. He has about 80 amateur fights and about 60 Ko’s so this kid can punch. He’s the nephew of the late and great Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez. I signed him earlier this year and he will be fighting. I have this other kid Francisco “El Bandido” Vargas. He’s out of Mexico City, 2008 Olympian 11-0-9Ko’s and will be the co-main under Soto Karass.
: That’s great so both of them have some pop to them it seems and they are going to be getting some bigger exposure on this Saturday’s bout. As far as these fighters and who they are training with, who’s currently working with them and getting them prepped for these upcoming bouts?

De La Hoya
: Local guys working with Julian Ramirez, local staple in LA working out of Maywood Gym where a lot of great fighters and champions and prospects come out of. It’s like the Mexican version of the Wild Card Gym. As far as Francisco Vargas goes his coach here in California is Rodrigo Mosquera who works out and helps with Gary Russell who just fought the other day. You know Gary Russell is one of the best prospects out there right now under Golden Boy. We really like him a lot. So he’s helped out a lot in the amateur ranks and he’s got a lot of knowledge in the sport so he’s helping out Francisco Vargas but when he goes back to Mexico City he has people helping him out. Good Deal

De La Hoya
: By the way, Hugo Centeno “The Boss” is the other kid I’m managing and he’s out of Oxnard, CA, the hotbed for fighters right now. Lot of good guys going out there to train and coming out of that city as well and Hugo Centeno is one of them. He’s 14-0-8KO’s and will be fighting July 28th under the Roberto Guerrero card in San Jose, CA.
: All three fighters are going to be on some pretty good cards getting some exposure. Pretty good game plan as far as matchmaking them and props to you guys for that.

De La Hoya
: That’s what it’s about. You can’t baby these guys too much because then you don’t know what their real potential is. You got to step them up a little bit and you know obviously small steps but you have to step them up a bit and not hold them back too much. They are getting a lot of good exposure and quality of opposition as well and were just trying to build their records right now. All three of them are at different stages so we’re taking the them one fight at a time.
: Glad to see that you are still going strong in the boxing scene and giving back to some of these fighters that do need the help. We will definitely be supporting you guys with anything you have upcoming as well. Joel De La Hoya giving us some insight into some upcoming bouts with his stable of fighters. Mark your calendars; Julian Ramirez and Francisco “El Bandido” Vargas fighting this Saturday on Fox Sports. Vargas being the 2008 Olympian out of Mexico City and Hugo Centeno live on ShoBox July 28th on the undercard of Roberto Guerrero and Selcuk Aydin. So, that about does it for this session fight fans. This is Gordie Tamayo with; until next time.

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