Johnathon Banks Quotes

By: Brandon Stubbs
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Coming off of an emotional few weeks, heavyweight contender Johnathon Banks will step into the ring Saturday night against Seth Mitchell live on HBO. The last few weeks have been crazy for him leading up to this bout. He had the passing of long time mentor and trainer Emanuel Steward, then him taking his place as the head trainer for heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko while having to prepare for his own fight.
One would think the flipping back & fourth for trainer of the heavyweight champion of the world in Klitschko to being his own fighter would have been difficult, but for Bank’s he said he was able to manage it. “It’s all apart of boxing. I’m a fan of boxing, I love boxing. I didn’t have to step outside my box one time. I (didn’t) have to step outside the sport one time. It’s all inside of boxing.” He set a unique schedule to make sure he got his own time in while helping the champ. “Wladimir trained in the morning and I trained before he did. By the time he got in the gym I was just there ready waiting on him and afternoons were the same.” But running a rough schedule like that did take a toll on him each day. “At the end of the day, yes I was completely exhausted and I slept like a baby every night.”

Johnathon has made it clear on his appreciation of the late Emanuel Steward and what he meant to his life both in and out of the ring. “Your talking about going back to a 16 year old kid, you know who looked up to this guy. He kept me in boxing, he kept me around boxing and I really, really learned a lot from him in life and the fundamentals of training about boxing.” said Bank’s. “I use to live with him for a few years at one point. So at one point for years and years we were together everyday. We would travel together even when he would go do the broadcast shows for HBO I would go with him a lot of times. So as far as what he meant, whatever a father meant to a kid, you know what I’m saying? He meant a lot to me because the guy was a great mentor, a great father figure and just a great overall person. And for him to be apart of my life was a blessing.”

He doesn’t plan to let the events of the last few weeks distract him from the task at hand of fighting Mitchell. Bank’s plans to be of clear mind come Saturday night. “When it comes to fighting you have to shut everything out. Fighting is like going to war, you got to shut everything out and you got to go to war. No matter what’s going on at home when you got to go, you got to go and that is just what the situation at hand is Saturday night; I have to go. No matter what’s going on this week, no matter what’s going on the last month, on Saturday night I have to be prepared to go.”

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