Julio Cesar Jr. Tests Positive for Marijuana

By: Brandon Stubbs

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Take me off the list of surprised by the news of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. testing positive Wednesday for traces of marijuana after his fight with Sergio Martinez Saturday, in which Chavez lost a one sided bout. For a guy who sleeps all day, takes days off training for the biggest fight of his career and wears hot pink tiny underwear, you gotta wonder if something is wrong in his head.

This isn’t the first time JCCJ has been busted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission either. Back in 2009 after his fight with Troy Rowland he also tested positive for a diuretic where he was suspended for seven months and fined $10K. This may explain why he fought the next six fights after the suspension in states which are lacking post fight testing (Texas).

The craziest thing about this was he was able to go out and fight with a buzz in his system. Maybe the weed is why for eleven rounds he got the crap beat out of him by Sergio Martinez and was still standing. And maybe his high had came down in the 12th when he damn near scored a late round KO. Nevertheless, this test kills any chance of a rematch with Martinez any time soon. With this being his second strike in Nevada in a three year span, look for him to be on the shelf for at least a year while he reapplies for his license in the state.

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