Little Guys. Big Fight : Martinez vs Garcia

By: Steve Gallegos

Tomorrow night Roman “Rocky” Martinez and Miguel “Mikey” Garcia do battle for Martinez’s Jr Lightweight crown.

2013 has provided us with some memorable matchups and many fight of the year candidates such as: Bradley vs Provodnikov, Rios vs Alvarado 2, Figueroa vs Arakawa, Alvarado vs Provodnikov and Segura vs Marquez. Martinez vs Garcia has all the makings to top all of these fights as fight of the year, should the fight turn out like we are hoping.

To quote Jim Lampley, “This is the biggest little fight that money can buy”. These 2 fighters are tailor made for each other and we should expect fireworks when they meet tomorrow night in Corpus Christi. You have your classic boxer/puncher in Garcia against the puncher Martinez. Both men have great punching power as Garcia has 27 KO’s in 32 wins and Martinez isn’t bad either with 16 KO’s in 25 wins.

Martinez does like to come forward and press the action and he has beaten some very good fighters along the way such as Nicky Cook, Ricky Burns and Diego Magdaleno. Garcia is more of a boxer and has great speed; however he does like to get in and mix it up with his opponents which make for some very exciting performances.

His resume of opposition isn’t bad either as he made easy work of former featherweight champions Orlando Salido and Juan Manuel Lopez. Although Garcia is Mexican-American, he does have a good following amongst Mexican fight fans which renews the rivalry between Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Martinez does consider this fight as a revenge fight for his fellow countryman Juan Manuel Lopez, so he will be out for blood once the opening bell sounds. On paper, this is a great matchup and great matchups lead to great fights and great fights lead to trilogies. This fight has the potential to form itself into a classic trilogy on the level of Barrera-Morales or Vazquez vs Marquez. The expectations are high and this fight is very unlikely to be a disappointment. The winner of this fight; Boxing Fans.

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