Martirosyan vs Lara, Canelo and the WBC

By: Jesus Gonzalez

Saturday, November 10, Super Welterweight Vanes Martirosyan fought Erislandy Lara for the “Final” WBC eliminator to face WBC Super Welterweight Champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

The fight came to an end in round nine after a head butt caused a nasty gash over the left eye of Martirosyan and the fight ending in a draw leaving no mandatory opponent for Canelo Alvarez. From round one Martirosyan pressed the action on Lara who was fighting a very careful fight. In round four Lara connected a straight low blow to Martirosyan who quickly recovered and upset him.

In the later rounds Lara began to land his left hand on Martirosyan while still being cautious. Martirosyan at one point signaled to Lara with his gloves to stand and fight in the middle of the ring. In round nine Lara threw a right jab as both fighters were coming in. Lara appeared to see a clash of heads coming and lowered his head in what seemed to be a wise move to some or a dirty tactic to others. Martirosyan sustained such a bad cut that the ringside physician chose to stop the fight.

Both fighters were clearly disappointed how the fight ended; leaving no mandatory opponent for Canelo Alvarez. It was evident Martirosyan was willing to engage and trade with Lara. Lara had previously said via social networks that he would “Punish” Martirosyan and was ready for “War” however we did not see any punishment or war in this fight. The question that will linger in our minds is who was going to win the fight and how. Both fighters said after the fight that they were willing to take a rematch as soon as possible.

The WBC will decide what will happen with Martirosyan and Lara at their next WBC Convention in Cancun Mexico scheduled in December. In other news at 154, Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo won a 1st round KO against Raul “El Tigere” Casarez in Los Angeles that same day.

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