Mayweather vs Pacquiao

By: Luke Clapham
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For some time now the two biggest pound for pound fighters in world boxing have managed to avoid each other in the ring, but is now the time for Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao to settle the biggest question among boxing fans, ‘who would win a show down between the best 2 fighters in the world today?’, personally, my answer is yes, the time is now, the stage is set, and the world is waiting for this super fight to happen.

Up until now I believe the only thing that’s stopped this fight from happening is the goings on of the promotional companies behind both fighters, Bob Arum, the promotor of Pacquiao has found it increasingly difficult to thrash out a deal with Golden Boy who promote Mayweather on a fight-to-fight agreement, this could now be dropped after Mayweather and long time friend Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson have gone into partnership and started a new promotional company called TMT Promotions. There is no reason why Bob Arum and Top Rank can’t do business with TMT and make the fight happen, both fighters and their respective camps have gone on record to say they want the fights, and both have indeed blamed the other party for not being able to come to an agreement, but now I don’t think there is any reason as to why they can’t get it on.

Let’s look at where both fighters stand today, Pacquiao is coming off of a loss to Tim Bradley, and prior to that won a controversial decision against Marquez where he looks to be slowing down slightly. Whereas Mayweather has just spent 2 months in jail after a unanimous points victory against the tough Miguel Cotto in May, where Mayweather was hit more times in the fight than he has been in his career. Now, with Pacquiao likely to fight again in December against an opponent yet to be named, Mayweather would have to wait until next April/May for a showdown with Pacquiao, this would result in yet another 12 months out of the ring for Pretty Boy, who would then be 36, whereas Pacquiao will have fought 5/6 prior to any potential meeting between the pair.

Personally if this fight happens I can see it being Pacquiao’s farewell fight, and for Floyd, it would be a fight that will define his career although I see him continuing to enter the ring under the watchful eye of 50 Cent and TMT. For me, Mayweather wins on points, the one thing Pacquiao relies on is his speed and we have all seen that in recent fights he is slowing down and is taking punishment, now Mayweather is the defensive king of boxing, his movement, timing and accuracy of when he lets his hands go is world class, there is nobody better in the world than Floyd at timing his punches, moving and sticking. All of this makes for a super fight, both men will give their all in the 12 rounds or less, it will be a defining moment in boxing history, and it’s one that I’m looking forward to seeing in 2013, I for one pray that the super fight of all super fights, eventually happens. We will be witnessing two of the greatest fighters of our generation going toe to toe in the biggest fight of our time.

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