Michael Dokes

By: Big Steve G.

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In the post Ali era, Michael Dokes became heavyweight champion after Michael Spinks vacated the title and Dokes won it through a round robin tournament organized by Don King.

Dokes beat Mike Weaver for a heavyweight title which was short lived. His main setbacks were struggles with cocaine addiction followed by a drug trafficking conviction and later attempted murder charge which he served 8 out of a 10 year sentence.

Equally, important to recognize though were his in the ring accomplishments. He amassed a professional record of 53-6-2-33 and was recognized for several high profile bouts including “Heavyweight Fight of the Year” in 1989 against Evander Holyfield and against Riddick Bowe in 1993; both in which he lost via TKO.

Dokes died of liver cancer recently on August, 11th 2012.  Rest easy champ.

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