Peterson Still Champion, Judah Still Super

By: Steve G./Gordie Tamayo

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Following the most recent news that the IBF is allowing Lamont Peterson to keep the Junior Welterweight title, it’s number one ranked contender Zab Judah is now next in line for Peterson’s mandatory defense.

Allegations circulated of Peterson using performance enhancing drugs prior to his 1st bout with Amir Kahn when Peterson voluntarily agreed to drug testing for their rematch and traces of increased testosterone levels surfaced.

VADA reports determined that the levels of testosterone supported Peterson’s claim that they were for therapeutic purposes only and were not enough to make a performance enhancing difference. Even so, the damage had been done and regardless what the outcome was going to be, Peterson is now left with a permanent stain in the public eye and red tape surrounding PED crackdown is once again moved.

The Zab Judah who re-surfaced against Vernon Paris would give Lamont many problems and we could possibly even see a late round stoppage. Lamont was given a gift in his bout with Amir Kahn and even though he may not deserve to hold a title we have to remember this is boxing and many people get away with things when they shouldn’t but life goes on.

This is a career defining moment for both fighters in a way. Judah’s career could be over if he loses and if Peterson were to lose, his stock could plummet even further than it has and he may just become another stepping stone for other fighters. Of course this in part would depend on how they perform.

Judah has been in discussions with the newly formed TMT Promotions headed by Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr., so who will promote him in his next bout is still in the works now that his contract is up with Main Events. One would think Judah learned his lesson when he danced with fire and Don King but maybe he has not.

It was with King that Judah experienced his most tumultuous season between contract disputes and a having the world promised. Once again it appears Judah is being tempted to chase the carrot when he has been taken care of by Main Events; a respected promoter in the industry which is ran by honest business people. Judah may be best staying where he has been guided in reinventing himself rather than chasing the glamour and gold; the more humble Judah we see today is more “Super” than dollar signs could make him.


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