Quillin Drops N’Dam Six Times En Route to Becoming WBO Champion

By: Gordie Tamayo
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Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam made his way to Brooklyn all the way from Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis, France with the purpose of getting audiences to know about him beyond youtube. For his first fight stateside, not only did N’Jikam have the tough task of fighting in his opponent Peter Quillin in his own backyard, he also faced someone equally matched in skill and power.

Out of all the televised bouts on the card, this one on paper could have been a toss up and it proved to be in the ring as well. Up until the fourth round the argument could have been made that N’Dam was getting the best of Quillin with the better footwork and hand speed. That was of course until Quillin landed his signature left hook that dropped N’Dam twice in the fourth round.

N’Dam showed the grit of a true champion and continued to press the action even when he was getting caught with the same shot by Quillin. As they reached round six the gap was beginning to close when Quillin dropped N’Dam again in the sixth round only for N’Dam to beat the count and get dropped again just before the bell rang. He beat the count and miraculously gained his composure to continue fighting.The fight progressed down the home stretch and despite being dropped already four times, N’Dam showed to have the better stamina despite the rumored one month he had to prepare for the bout. The tenth round turned out to be one of the best moments in the fight as both setup a series of exchanges which tested the waters. Quillin showed versatility in mixing up his punches and ability to take a shot. N’Dam showed that even though there may be questions about a potential glass chin, he had the heart to compensate.Almost like clockwork, Quillin managed to stir up another set of knockdowns in round 12 with short left hooks on the inside during a reckless exchange which sent N’Dam plummeting again to the canvas. Quillin gained a unanimous decision victory on the scorecards of 115-107 on all three and becomes the new WBO Middleweight Champion. This bout took honors for fight of the evening for its back and forth action with non-stop dramatics. Networks and fans alike would be fortunate to have both of these fighters back on prime time in the near future.


(Photo: Al Bello, Getty Images for Golden Boy Prom)

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