Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Destroys Josesito Lopez With 5th Round TKO

By: Gordie Tamayo

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On one of the most electric nights of boxing this year thus far, fans were delivered a healthy serving of action from Golden Boy Promotion’s “Knockout Kings” at the MGM Grand Hotel this Mexican Independence Day weekend.

From the opening bout, the matchups were filled with surprises and fists flying tenaciously; perhaps fueled by the “100K KO Bonus” granted to one lucky winner voted on by viewers.

It was all leading to the climax of the evening where 22 year old phenom Saul “Canelo” Alvarez of Guadalajara, Mexico defended his WBC super welterweight title against Josesito Lopez of Riverside, California.

A total mismatch on paper, Alvarez was expected to destroy the smaller Lopez and he did just that, dropping Lopez three times before referee Joe Cortez stepped in and saved Lopez from himself and Alvarez late in the fifth round.

Although Alvarez and Golden Boy received much criticism for making this fight, it is equally important point out that Josesito earned the opportunity by stopping Victor Ortiz and Alvarez did attempt to fight opponents his size such as Paul Williams and James Kirkland but through various circumstances those plans fell through.

Lopez was Alvarez’s last option for an opponent and it made for a great storyline, causing viewers to flock in and witness the Riverside hero take a crack at dethroning a “Titan”.

Lopez definitely came to fight and it was evident why so many people were rooting for the massive underdog to pull off the upset. Each time he tasted the canvas from a vicious body attack by Alvarez, he rose to his feet ready to face the giant in front of him. One way or the other he was going out on his shield. He showed the true heart of a champion with fearless conviction and “ganas” despite being clearly outmatched.

The “Titan” Alvarez displayed that his freckles and red hair are not his only special features. No fancy camera shots or effects were needed to see that this kid has all the makings of a great warrior even at such a young age. He has the patience of a seasoned veteran, knows how to cut the ring, can mix up his shots from different angles and has the speed to complement the power in his pop.

At the post fight interview Lopez was humble in admitting that Alvarez was the better fighter and he was out of his league at super welterweight. Alvarez self-critiqued himself stating he had room for improvement but was content enough with his performance to believe he merited entry into the Mayweather lottery.

Alvarez will need to get in line with the rest of planet Earth who want a piece of Mayweather. Although the matchup would be intriguing, a case could also be made that Alvarez needs a convincing win over a bonafide super welterweight before challenging the pound for pound great. Alvarez now improves to 41-0-1-30KO while Lopez drops to 30-5-18KO.

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