Seth Mitchell Quotes

By: Brandon Stubbs
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Seth Mitchell is being looked upon as the next great hope for American heavyweights. On Saturday night in Atlantic City, he will take another step towards stardom when he takes on Johnathon Banks live on HBO. During his rise Seth has remained both humble and hungry, never taking for granted the position he is end.

This fight will mark the first time in his boxing career that he will be coming off an injury. Mitchell broke his right hand in his last fight with Chazz Witherspoon, but says now he is completely healed and ready to go. “This fight has been postponed for a while. The first time was because of my hand injury that I had gotten in my fight with Chazz Witherspoon. For the record my hand feels great and I’ve been training very hard.” He seemed to go out of his way to make sure there was zero doubt that he would be ready to go Saturday night. “As of right now my hand is 100 percent. The doctor said it takes six to eight weeks to rest, and by the fight getting pushed back and postponed I actually rested it for eleven to twelve weeks, so about three months. And for the last three months I’ve been hitting the heavy bag, I’ve been sparring, and not holding back at all and so it’s ready to go, it’s 100 percent. Now who’s to say I could go in there and throw the first punch and my hand starts hurting, but as of right now my hand is 100 percent. I have no ill effect from previous fights and I’m ready to go and you won’t see me holding back any punches come the 17th.”

One bad thing that did come out of his win over Witherspoon was at times a lack in defense. Seth knows this is something he needs to work on and knows he can improve on. “I don’t think I know it all, I continue to be a sponge, I still consider myself wet behind the ears. I still want to learn and that’s what’s exciting to me. When I come to the gym I still want to learn, I’m thirsting for knowledge. Me and my trainer we sit and we talk, we go back to the fundamentals. We’re just working on becoming a better fighter and definitely working on my defense.”

Seth knows he will need to continue to grow and become better as time moves. He also knows he will see different styles of fighters each time out and his team has done a good job bracing him for that. “I think my team has done a great job in moving me. He (Banks) brings something different than my last two fights. Johnathon is a slick fighter, he has subtle little things that he does. He’s a boxer who doesn’t run, meaning he does use his legs a lot to move around the ring and make it a boring fight. But he definitely knows his way around a ring and taking small steps to make his movements and get the punches that he wants.”

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