Porter Defeats Gomez

Shawn Porter (19-0-14Ko) vs Alfonso Gomez (23-5-2-12KO)
10 Round for NABO Welterweight Title

Porter was entering this bout against one of his toughest challenges to date against veteran Gomez.  In his last bout in 2011 Gomez lost to world champion Canelo Alvarez via TKO and was seeking to re-establish himself by dropping down to welterweight.

The opening belt was filled with action as Gomez pressed forward forcing Porter to utilize hand speed and movement to create opportunities against a relentless attack.  Both exchanged fire and the crowd was eating up every ounce of excitement.

As the rounds progressed the fight only got better with Gomez continuing the onward body assault and Porter setting up gut wrenching shots of his own with a stiff jab.

In the 6th round the dramatics of the fight changed as Porter poured on the heat and Gomez running out of it, finding himself off balance more than once.  Porter seized the moments of opportunity out boxed Gomez with superior hand speed cupped with combinations that started to take their toll on Gomez’s face.

In the 9th round a deep cut opened up above Porter’s left eye as a result of an accidental head bunt.  The cut was deep enough to warrant a stoppage but the doctor allowed the fight to continue.  Both fighters went into the 10th and final round with intentions to lay it all on the line.  Gomez was desperate to land one big shot however Porter was right in the pocket with him trading punches and getting the better of them.

Porter took away the unanimous decision.  The scores were 96-94, 97-93, 98-92.  An impressive prelude to the main event and both fighters garnering massive props for this action packed fight.  Porter receives another star on his resume and Gomez a battle wound but one worth being proud of.


Hugo Centeno (14-0-8KO) vs Ayi Bruce (13-7-7KO)
8 Round Jr. Middleweights

Centeno wasted no time with a high work rate which almost paralyzed Bruce for the first few rounds.  A combination of jabs, hooks and straight rights were landing at will on Bruce as he refused to engage with the busier Centeno.

Round three brought openings for Bruce to land a few shots but it was not enough to keep Centeno from firing away at will.  Centeno religiously mixed it up to the body and upstairs while staying consistent throughout the fight.  He landed beautiful jabs from the outside leaving Bruce with little time to answer.  Centeno won a dominant unanimous decision and gained more experience under his belt to lead him into the next chapter of his career.

Although his reach advantage and height would lead observers to believe he would choose to stay on the outside and box his way through rounds, Centeno displayed he is not afraid to trade.  This young fighter is green but fundamentally he is very solid.  As he grows into his frame he is sure to gain more punching power to add to his arsenal.  Centeno has a strong team behind him to include manager Joel De La Hoya which is sure to aid him on down the road and has done him well so far.

George Groves (15-0-12KO) vs Francisco Sierra (24-6-1-22KO)
10 Round Super Middleweight

British/Commonwealth super middleweight champion Groves stopped Sierra in his tracks via KO 2:15 in the 6th round.

Both started off with a tactical chess match but it did not last long before an all out slug-fest ensued.  Groves had superior movement and beautifully found openings over Sierra’s lazy left hand to drop heavy overhand rights continuously. 

Sierra attempted to go for several home run shots however more so than not, he was out of range and swung so wildly that Groves was able to see them coming and counter with heavy shots of his own both downstairs to the body and up top.

An ugly cut was opened up on top of Groves eye into the 4th but that did not slow him down.  Groves took control of the bout with an entourage of deadly body attacks and a heavy shot upstairs which dropped Sierra.  He made it up but only long enough for Groves to unload and force Sierra’s corner to throw in the towel.

Many may criticize that Groves took too many unnecessary risks in slugging with Sierra, however it could be he did so in an attempt to entertain American audiences so they will remember the name and we believe he did just that.  His young skill set clearly shows he has boxing abilities and after this bout we have witnessed he can trade as well.  It will be interesting to follow this young fighter and see how he progresses.  An impressive win for Groves.