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The “Mayweather Curse”: Fact or Fiction?

By: Brandon Stubbs

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Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will make his trek back to the top on March 8, against Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo. This will be his first bout since his one sided whitewash loss to Floyd Mayweather in September of last year. While in the months following the loss, Canelo’s spirit and mind seemed not to be broken, one still wonders if the “Mayweather Curse” is real.


So what is the “Mayweather Curse”? Well, during Floyd’s PPV reign of 2005 to the present, it is the result of how his opponents have faired in their next fights and careers after facing him, aka “Post Floyd or PF”. If you were to look at the raw numbers, things don’t look good for Alvarez.


As the numbers suggest, things do not appear to go smooth after facing Mayweather. The records of the nine men who have fought after a Mayweather fight? How about four Wins, three Losses, one No Contest and one Draw. Now some of that could be chalked up to match-making whether it be good or bad. For example, Ricky Hatton was served Juan Lazcano and was able to cruise to an easy win and build his confidence back up. On the other hand, Carlos Baldomir took on a still very prime and at that time streaking Vernon Forrest. Carlos would lose on the cards. Or even Miguel Cotto dropping a unanimous decision to Austin Trout months after pushing Mayweather to the limit.


So for Alvarez, his team has matched him With Alfredo Angulo. We are still unsure if this is good or bad thing. While Saul will have a target in front of him all night who will use little to no movement and can be hit, he also is facing a guy who has legit pop and who will take a ton of punishment before you can get him out of there.


Besides the post Mayweather records, other part of the curse include the chase. It’s the chase of a rematch or in other words, a big payday. In doing so guys have taken fights and picked opponents they should not have in hope of gaining Floyd’s attention again. The best example of this is Oscar De la Hoya. After fighting Floyd in a record breaking & close PPV bout, Oscar lobbied hard for a rematch. To prepare himself for it he took on Steve Forbes in May of 2008. Oscar looked sluggish & barely pulled off the win. But with Floyd “retired”, Oscar went to chase the other cash cow at the time in Manny Pacquiao. The result being Oscar looking slow, old and getting battered to the point of quiting on his stool at the end of the eighth round and never fighting again. Saul has never turned down the idea of facing Floyd again in the future, but to his credit he seems more focused on other fights that can be made and becoming a title holder.


So what about the long term career outlook for Saul Alvarez in the post Mayweather portion of his career? Well, the numbers don’t look great here. Again nine fighters have had fights after their encounter with Floyd (we’re still waiting on Robert Guerrero) and in a total of 49 fights, they went 25 Wins, 22 Losses, one Draw and one No Contest. When Floyd beat some of these guys, they had already been through wars and were not at their peak (Cotto, Arturo Gatti and Juan Manuel Marquez). Although, he did fight a prime Zab Judah in 2006 and even dropped a few early rounds, he took control in the back half of the fight. Zab did go on & win a world title, only to crumble when he would get in big fights and holds a “PF” record of 8-5 1NC.


It’s Canelo’s youth that I see being the key to him breaking the curse. He is only 23 and will still grow and learn as a fighter. He is looked upon by his promoter Golden Boy as the future, so I look for them to protect him and build him back up strategically. They better hope that the live dog “El Perro” Angulo knows how to sit when told.

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