Wilder Win With Bum Right Arm


By Seamus McNally

Deontay Wilder (37–0, 36 KOs) kept his unblemished record intact by stopping Chris Arreola (36–5–1, 31 KOs) at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama on FOX.

Wilder gave the raucous hometown crowd another thrilling victory, scoring the third knockout win in his home state of Alabama in the last thirteen months. This was only possible because Wilder’s fight on May 21st in Russia against perennial contender Alexander Povetkin was canceled due to a positive drug test from Povetkin.

The opening round of the fight was largely void of action. Wilder established his jab and stayed outside of Arreola’s punching range. The second round was fought much the same way until Wilder opened up late in the round, causing a cut on the bridge of Arreola’s nose with a powerful straight right hand.

Arreola was able to get inside for the first time in the third round and do some work to Wilder’s body along the ropes. Wilder continued to find a home for the right hand. In the fourth round, Wilder was able to put Arreola on the canvas for the first time. He wobbled Arreola with a 1-2 combination and put him down seconds later with a flurry. Wilder tried to finish off his opponent with a barrage of heavy punches but Arreola was saved by the bell.

Wilder looked like he was going to end the fight early in the fifth with some sharp jabs to the face and left hooks to the body that shook Arreola but Arreola was able to weather the storm. It was a continuance of the status quo in the sixth round with Wilder continuing to dominate on the outside.

Wilder was goofing off while pinned in the corner during the seventh round when Arreola landed a low blow that pissed Wilder off. Wilder got back to business, snapping out his jab and landing thunderous shots to Arreola’s soft body and battered face. Wilder landed a crushing left hand in the final seconds of the round that rocked Arreola but he was once again saved by the bell. Arreola’s face showed signs of the beating he was absorbing as his left eye was nearly swollen shut.

Wilder continued to punish Arreola in the eighth round, rocking him around the ring while mostly using his jab. In between the eighth and ninth rounds, Arreola’s corner decided it had seen enough and stopped the fight.

After the fight, Wilder revealed why he did not use his trademark right hand as much as customarily seen, saying he broke his hand and distal tear in his right bicep. Wilder’s performance was already impressive and now knowing he did it without his dynamite right hand that is cause of most of his knockouts made it even more impressive.

Wilder called to unify all the belts with Anthony Joshua and heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Hopefully we get to witness these match ups of undefeated behemoths to determine heavyweight supremacy in 2017.

Travis Kauffman Speaks on Controversial Decision vs Chris Arreola


Reading, PA (December 14, 2015) -This past Saturday night at the AT & T Center  in San Anonio, Heavyweight Travis Kauffman (30-2, 22 KO’s) and former two-time world title challenger Chris Arreola engaged in a action packed bout that saw Arreola get a dubious split decision by scores 114-113 twice for Arreola and 114-113 for Kauffman.

Most accounts of the fight had Kauffman getting the decision, which included PBC ringside scorer Steve Farhood.

Kauffman of Reading, PA. pushed the action and landed the more telling blows, which included a knockdown in round three from a jab-right hand combination.  The fight validated Kauffman as a player in the division, but he wasn’t satisfied with just a good performance.


“I feel good.  I thought I did enough to win the fight.  I had it 8-4 or 7-5 in my favor plus the knockdown,” said Kauffman after viewing the fight.

“I dominated from rounds three to nine.  I took off ten and eleven as I thought that I was secure with my lead.  I dominated the twelfth round and after a three-punch combination, Chris went falling back and it looked like his glove touched the canvas.  No matter what, I thought I won the twelfth round.  I backed him up the entire fight.  I dominated him at his own game..”

Kauffman believes that he won over the crowd and those in attendance thought that he deserved the nod as well.


“The crowd booed me as I came into the ring and cheered me when I left.  I won them over and I won over the boxing public.”

With the performance, Kauffman should be in line for another significant fight in the first quarter of 2016.

“I spoke to my manager, Al Haymon and he said that bigger things are going to happen for me.  Weather it is a rematch or someone else, I am ready for that.  I showed that I am a force in the division.  I worked for so long for this fight, so I am just going to take a week off and enjoy my kids and I will be right back in the gym.  I am looking to be back sometime between February and April.”


“I appreciate all the fans.  The ones that have been with me before the fight one the ones that became fans on Saturday.” 

Said Kauffman’s father Marshall Kauffman, “I am very proud of Travis and what he did in the fight  Just look at each of them and you could tell who took the beating in the fight.  The worst case scenario, the fight it was 6-6 but Travis scored the knockdown that should have gave him the fight.  I believe he will get another opportunity.  He showed what he is capable of doing.”


Photos by Joe Tarlecky –Team Kauffman

Lucas Browne Fires Shots at Wilder and Arreola

LUCAS “BIG DADDY” BROWNE believes a fight between Deontay Wilder and Chris Arreola would be bad for heavyweight boxing.
Browne is set to face Argentina’s Gonzalo Basile in Melbourne next month and will turn his attention to his mandatory shot at WBA champion Ruslan Chagaev afterwards.
But he’s hopeful of getting Wilder in the ring before the end of the year and feels it will be a barnburner with potentially two belts on the line..
Wilder is expected to defend his WBC crown against fellow American Chris Arreola in the winter. Browne, however, believes the match-up would do little for the Alabama –native’s reputation and he should instead give fans the fight they really want to see.
“Nobody wants to watch Wilder v Arreola,” Lucas said. “Even if they were giving tickets away, hardly anyone would turn up.
“Wilder is the first American heavyweight champion in years and what people really want to see is him real fights rather than ones against out of shape club fighters like Molina or people who are over the hill like Arreola.
“I mean, Arreola struggled to get a draw with an unknown who looked like a blown-up cruiserweight this past weekend, and now he’s supposed to be next in line for a world title.
“Al Haymon has promised to give fans the best fights and he’d be letting the public down if he gave them weak-chinned Wilder and a guy who doesn’t even look like he takes training seriously.
“I’m mandatory for the WBA title so I’d like a unification after I’ve beaten Chagaev and I hope Wilder will step up to the plate. In fact, I’ll fight him now if wants.”
While the target remains a showdown with Chagaev, Hatton Promotions and Lucas’s management team are willing to speak with the advisor of the WBC to make the fight happen.