Hovhannisyna Squeezes by Acosta for Split Decision Victory

Chumash Casino Resort, Santa Ynez, CA

By: Gordie Tamayo
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Roman Morales 10-0-6KO vs Alexis Santiago 11-2-1-5KO
8 Round Super Bantamweight

Santiago was quick to try and overpower the heavier handed Morales early on however lost the exchange.  Moving into round three, Morales landed a short uppercut, sending Santiago to the canvas.  He was quick to rise and stand toe to toe with Morales but was wild in his shots which paid Morales dividends.

Midway through the fight both were still trading and although Santiago did not have the punching power to match Morales, that did not stop him from standing in the pocket and exchanging shots.  Morales did enough to move forward with a unanimous decision victory and a shot at more well known, higher caliber opposition.

Art Hovhannisyan 14-0-2-8KO vs Miguel Acosta 29-5-2-23KO
10 Round Lightweight

Both fighters came into this bout seeking a change in the direction of their career.  Hovhannisyan was coming off an extensive layoff and Acosta off of successive losses.

Round one started very slow and ended with Art landing a thunderous right hand upstairs in the closing seconds of the round which sent Acosta toppling over like a giant redwood.  Acosta managed to get to his feet and was saved by the bell to make it through the opening round.

Art applied an increase in steady pressure and was clearly the heavier puncher.  He fights much like Vic Darchinyan in that they both have that “bull-like” aggressive style and movement.  Acosta progressed in the fight with a nervous demeanor; indicating he had felt Arts power and was cautious as to getting caught into cross-fire with him.

In round five Acosta found an opening and landed a clean right hand to drop Art for a split second.  It appeared as the fight progressed that Acosta was finding his groove and his experience was aiding him in dictating the pace.  Acosta began to put combinations together and getting out of the pocket to minimize the exchanges.  Art continued to lunge in with wide shots while Acosta used continual movement to keep him missing.

The bout ended with both fighters swinging in a fury and leaving a decision that could have went either way.  Official scorecards awarded Art the split decision which positions him in a good place to move forward with his career.  Acosta’s immediate future is unclear but definitely shouldn’t be overlooked as he put on a valiant performance.