In the Phone Booth with Kaliesha West

By: @medafORACLE

The “Wild Wild West”. We all know the story in our history books. Better known as the “American Frontier”, our books tells the story of the creation of communities, land usage and the politically and correctly worded “formation of states” or “the merging of people and cultures that gave birth and continuing life to America”   In short; land was taken from native tribes and overran to create America. However you choose to word our history, our subject will be of a new one. A new West is upon us. Filled with beauty, strength, equal sacrifice and a fight to claim what is rightfully earned. Follow me on this journey as we discuss the culture of a new West. Here to discuss said subject is the beautiful, Kaliesha West.

Lets step In The Phone Booth……..


@medafORACLE : Miss West! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to step In the Phone Booth. It’s appreciated. Let me start off by saying, I’m a fan; in more than one way. Tell the readers how the name “Wild Wild West” came about.

@Kaliesha_West : My father started boxing before me, and his name was Juan Wild Wild West because he was super crazy in and out the ring, I want to keep the name going, so I said I’m next. People, who know me, know I’m wild, but in a good way, like my pops.


@medafORACLE : 4X World Champ, amateur accolades in ABUNDANCE and an overall amateur record of 98-10….impressive to say the least. Aside of hard work, what is the engine behind such a respected career?

@Kaliesha_West Thank you. Well, I always wanted to prove to my pops I can do it. At first he inspired me, I admired him, and that’s why I picked up the gloves. Then I found a love for it, where now, it’s a part of my life, always will be. I find peace in a gym. I’m a competitive person over all, I never settle for less than GOLD. Whether it be a cross country varsity runner, varsity track runner, honor student, or anything that has competition written on it. I’m going for gold. My stubborn personality and my motive to be the best is what drove me to be.


@medafORACLE : In The Phone Booth the gap between boxing and music is forever bridged so, what do you listen to; to get yourself amped up to train?

@Kaliesha_West Oh hell yeah it is, who you kiddin? The most memorable moments were my come outs. We always had custom raps and mixes my uncle DJ Meach would hook up for us. We go hard. In the dressing room or just working out, I’d like to say I’m very diverse. I can go from DMX/NWA, to modern rap like Drake or Kid Ink.  All depends on the mood. But no doubt I NEED my music.


@medafORACLE : Same question but in reverse. You walk in the gym and what’s the one song that can absolutely KILL your mood to train?

@Kaliesha_West Hahahahaua SLOW JAMS, LIKE love songs…don’t get me wrong! If I walk in the gym, and some Pretty Ricky is playing, I will not want to train.


@medafORACLE : Lol yeah, Pretty Ricky is probably the kill switch for any activity. Sadly, in Hip Hop there is this dreadful plague of bias toward male emcees in being the representation of the culture. In boxing unfortunately we have the same issue. When mentioning boxing greats no one shouts the name Ann Wolfe or Laila Ali in combination with B-Hop and Ray Robinson’s of the sport. What do you think it will take for you along with greats to be looked at as boxers opposed to “female boxers”?

@Kaliesha_West It will take equal promotion and TV opportunities. They have to stop separating and favoring  men, and just promote talent regardless…. If boxing created a market for women like MMA did, there is no doubt that we would sell…. We need a real promoter who knows the industry for women.


@medafORACLE : So let’s say women in the sport get that deserving recognition of equal sacrifice and skill and you make it to that PPV or major TV stage….what song would you come out to for representation of that moment?

@Kaliesha_West A custom song made for me by Rae Sremmund 🙂 like lol


@medafORACLE : If you could create your own coed dream card with past and/or present fighters, who would be the main event and who would be the 3 undercard fights? Keep in mind, us fellas will need some eye candy, so don’t be afraid to throw yourself on that card, please and thank you. Lol

@Kaliesha_West :

1. Floyd Mayweather vs Chavez as the main
2. Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson
3. Laila Ali vs Anne Wolfe
4. Kaliesha West vs Jackie Java


@medafORACLE : That card without a doubt merits the crown for BEST FIGHT CARD EVER!! Ok so front street time! Imagine you had it your way and you were part of an all woman card and instead of ring girls there were ring men. What three boxers would you choose as your ring men?

@Kaliesha_West :

1.Saul Alverez “Canelo”
2. Miguel Cotto
3. David Haye


@medafORACLE : Miss West, thank you ever so kindly for stepping “In The Phone Booth” it was an honor and pleasure. Tell the fans what they can expect from you next and where they can follow you on any social media links

@Kaliesha_West :

IG: KalieshaSWest
Twitter: @Kaliesha_West 

Expect another fight sooner than later 😉
Appreciate the support, thanks for taking the time!