Cleverly Dominates Hawk via 8th Round KO

By Gordie Tamayo

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European star and WBO light Heavyweight World Champion, Nathan Cleverly (25-0-12KO) touched down on US soil for the second time in his career with his belt and unbeaten record in what turned out to be a dominating performance over South Dakota’s Shawn Hawk (22-3-1-16KO).


From the gate, Cleverly displayed an incredible work-rate which posed a problem for Hawk, giving him little opportunity to launch an consistent offensive attack of his own.


As they entered the later rounds the pace slowed down with Cleverly continuing a steady onslaught which wore Hawk down. Although Cleverly didn’t display heavy hands, the overwhelming volume of punches began to pay dividends causing Hawk to take a knee twice in the 7th and just being the count.


Round eight began with Cleverly picking up where he left off the previous round and didn’t give Hawk a chance to recover or figure out where the shots were coming from. Cleverly remains undefeated as the referee stepped in at 1:53 of round 8 to call a hault.