In the Phone Booth with Michelle Rosado

By: @medafORACLE

Legendary. Rare. Beautifully elegant. Forever searched for but never found. Since antiquity such words have been used to describe this creature. Often when said word (creature) is heard, humanity’s thoughts often travel to a descriptive world of words such as “Ugly”, deformed, or an abomination but; never have these words been used to describe a Unicorn. A non “scientific” definition of a unicorn is a female every man searches for. Beauty. Brains. Sane. Funny. Hard working. Loyal and in my case…..a boxing head. As bearer of good news and history, I am here to tell the fellas they do exist! And I had the pleasure to talk to one. Ladies and gentleman, I bring you; Michelle Rosado better known as Raging Babe. Let’s step “In The Phone Booth…….


@medafORACLE : Michelle, welcome to the phone booth! Its more than an honor to have you join us. For those who dont know who you are, introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself; where you come from and what you stand for, hopes, dreams, blood type, bra size……juuuust kidding. Who is Michelle Rosado a.k.a. Raging Babe?

@M_RagingBabe : Well, “Michelle Rosado” is a full-time engineer and a full-time boxing enthusiast. I wear many different hats. I work with various boxers, promoters, and managers. I provide branding, marketing, media relations, and financial acquisition services. A “Raging Babe” is a lover, fighter, and a survivor. She is ambitious, passionate, strong, and determined.


@medafORACLE : So when did you first fall in love with boxing?

@M_RagingBabe : I tell people that it was Mike Tyson who grabbed my attention. He was a character. He was intimidating. He was controversial. You never knew what was going to come out his mouth or what he would do in the ring. But, I fell IN LOVE with boxing in the mid-90s when Felix “Tito”Trinidad really hit the scene. His pride, heart, passion, and charisma were undeniable and captivating.


@medafORACLE : You have an online store with boxing gear and novelties. How did that come about and what sparked the idea?

@M_RagingBabe : Women love boxing and are just as addicted to boxing as men however; it was always difficult to find cute boxing tees and tanks for women. There is a void for everyday boxing apparel in general. My creative juices started flowing and about a year later, we have a shop at!


@medafORACLE : Alright, so; here “In the Phone Booth” I like to bridge the gap of music and boxing. What are you riding to in the whip right now?

@M_RagingBabe : I keep it old school. Today’s music gives me headaches and I’m not sure what the heck they are talking about. I’m still rocking out to old NAS, Biggie, Jay-Z, Big Pun, DMX. Old school salsa too such as Hector Lavoe, Jerry Rivera, and Marc Anthony. I also listen to Jasmine Sullivan, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Musiq Soulchild on the regular.


@medafORACLE : Music is often known for triggering emotion, good or bad and connecting us to memory. What song reminds you of your favorite boxing moment?

@M_RagingBabe : Has to be “Twinz.” Big Pun and Fat Joe rapped that live for Tito Trinidad at the Garden. That same night, Oscar De La Hoya came out to “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. Now that was funny!


@medafORACLE : Ironically I like “Bailamos”….horrible song to come out to though. In Hip Hop it used to be all about the skill. Today things have changed though. Out of today’s boxers from a skill set perspective, who would you say is the “Plies” of boxing today?

@M_RagingBabe : K9


@medafORACLE : Pretty accurate! Ok, if K9 is Plies, who would Andre Ward be?

@M_RagingBabe : Currently, he’d be NAS. Flow for days, almost effortlessly, nobody can touch him, but unfortunately  can be inactive in the game.


@medafORACLE : Every era of Hip Hop has had a super group being it was a super producer and emcee duo or a gang of dope emcees in one group from Sugar Hill Gang to Outkast to Wu-Tang to now currently, Slaughter House. If you were a boxer and could create a “super group” for your corner and team, who would it be?

@M_RagingBabe : Nacho, Ann Wolfe, and Mike Rodriguez (on the cuts). My manager would be the first lady of boxing, Jackie Kallen and Bruce Trampler would match my fights.


@medafORACLE : Now from what I understand, you’re a reality TV fan. Ok, imagine they made a “Real Boxers Of Vegas” show. Give me a group of fighters who would make you want to watch it.

@M_RagingBabe : Brandon Rios, Danny Garcia, Amir Khan, Victor Ortiz, Gabriel Rosado, Deontay Wilder, Roy Jones, and Keith Thurman. That show would win an Emmy!


@medafORACLE : I would without a doubt watch that show! I would throw Paulie Malignaggi on the scene too. So let’s say we live in a perfect world where you could be doing anything you want in the sport of boxing, what would it be?

@M_RagingBabe : I’d love to take Raging Babe Radio to another level and be on-air every day. We’re working on re-formatting and re-launching the show now, and seeking sponsors. But deep down, my gut tells me that I’d love to go back to Philly to promote local cards. Boxing is like a religion in Philadelphia, it’s a lifestyle. That’s where my heart is.


@medafORACLE : Same question, but in reverse. What would you absolutely refuse to be a part of in the sport?

@M_RagingBabe : Throwing a fight.


@medafORACLE : Ok last question but surely not least…… Will you marry me???

@M_RagingBabe : No, I’m sorry. I’m married to boxing.


@medafORACLE : Lol And they say females aren’t loyal these days! Michelle, as usual it’s always an absolute pleasure and abundance of smiles. Thank you so much for stepping “In the Phone Booth“! What can we expect from you coming in the future and where can you be contacted via social media or for business inquiries? And do you any last words for us?

@M_RagingBabe : This was so much fun! Thank you for the love! Stay tuned for Raging Babe Radio and follow me on Twitter @M_RagingBabe and on Instagram @RagingBabe


“J Rock” Williams: I know What I’m On the Verge Of. I Can’t Let Gonzalez Alter My Destiny.

Philadelphia, PA (September 8, 2014)–One of the hottest fighters in the world, undefeated Julian “J Rock” Williams (16-0-1, 10 KO’s) is preparing for his showdown with fellow undefeated Eliezer Gonzalez (14-0, 9 KO’s) on Thursday, September 11 at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 24 year-old Williams of Philadelphia has been climbing the ranks and gaining attention due to his spectacular performances on willingness to take on anyone while doing in front of national television audiences.

This fight has all the makings of an action packed slugfest as Williams has six knockouts in his last eights fights while Gonzalez has stopped six in a row.

Williams has impressive wins over Hector Rosario (7-1-2); Jonel Tapia (8-2-1); Jeremiah Wiggins (10-1-1).  Williams started to get be noticed after his three-knockdown unanimous decision over former world champion Joachim Alcine (33-4-1).  Williams was on his way to a win over undefeated Hugo Centeno (19-0) before a cut over Centeno’s eye forced a no-contest.  Williams stopped three consecutive high quality opponents in Orlando Lora (29-4-2), former world title challenger Freddy Hernandez (30-6) and his last bout when took out contender and Abel Sanchez trained Michael Medina (26-4-2) in eight rounds on May 24.

The date of the fight has significance as it takes place on September 11.  Williams will honor the fallen of that fateful day 13 years ago by wearing USA themed trunks and robe. 

One bit of irony is that on September 15, 2001, another Philadelphia fighter in Bernard Hopkins was set to face an undefeated Puerto Rican star in Felix Trinidad. Unfortunately that bout had to be postponed due to the events of 9-11 and Trinidad was trained by the same man that will be in Gonzalez corner.  That being Felix Trinidad Sr.

Said Williams, “I don’t know much about Eliezer Gonzalez but I do know he’s undefeated and he’s trained by Felix Trinidad Sr.. I also know he’s scored a lot of KO’s lately. But that doesn’t mean anything to me because those KO’s weren’t against Julian “J Rock” Williams. I will find out how hard he can punch when we get in the ring. I know what I’m on the verge of and I can not allow Gonzalez to alter my destiny. I expect a shootout and that’s just fine with me. I can fight any type of fight I have to, to win. But everyone remembers the last time there was a match between Puerto Rico vs Philadelphia. In fact it was in September of 2001 when the the 9-11 incident occurred. Bernard Hopkins defeated the great Felix Trinidad. We are going to reenact that fight. I will play Bhop and he can play Tito.” 

Stephen Edwards, the trainer of Williams has been happy with the progress of his pupil and he knows a win over Gonzalez will help Williams continue on the path to a world title.

“He put it all together in the last fight. I am usually very critical of him but I would have to nitpick in order to criticize that last fight. He fought a great fight. He was a violent, smooth, boxer puncher. He put a terrible beating on a game, motivated fighters\ who’s back was up against the wall. Going into this fight we started camp June 9th. There is no room for a let down for Julian. He understands he has to win and win impressively. There are a lot of quality guys in the super welterweight division and a sub par performance can put you in the back of the line,” said Edwards.

“I’m glad he’s fighting an undefeated guy because undefeated guys fight with a sense of entitlement. They have an aura about them. They don’t want to lose. I picked this guy from a short list and I’m glad our team got it done. This is Gonzalez’s big opportunity knocking off an Al Haymon fighter and Julian understands that. At this stage in his career I don’t want any gimme fights for him. They won’t do him any good because if he continues his success he’s going to be fighting for a title within a year.”

Forgotten Classics: Jermain Taylor vs “Winky” Wright

By: Steve Gallegos

In today’s boxing, we very rarely see the best facing the best. The boxing landscape is more political than ever. Managers and promoters focus more on protecting their investment; therefore some of the more significant bouts do not get made. However, when the best do face the best, it can provide a treat for the fans. That was the case in 2006, when lineal middleweight champion JermainBad Intentions” Taylor faced off with RonaldWinkyWright.

Jermain Taylor was groomed for the boxing spotlight very early on. He was a stellar amateur who represented the U.S.A. at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Australia, winning the bronze medal. He turned pro in early 2001 and signed a huge contract with DiBella Entertainment. He was a crowd favorite from the very beginning. He had the complete package as he possessed the speed, power and skill. He knocked out 17 out of first 23 opponents.

In July, 2005, Taylor would get his shot at a world title as he took on the legendary, long time king of the middleweight division, Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins had been unbeaten for 12 years and made a record 20 defenses of his middleweight title. Taylor stepped up to the plate and showed the world that he was the future of boxing by dethroning the longtime champion in a close, but convincing split decision victory. He would decision Hopkins again in a rematch just five months later.

RonaldWinkyWright’s descent to the top was not an easy one. “Winky” was a very slick southpaw, known for his excellent defense and piston-like right jab. Wright had fought all over the world and was a huge draw in France as he fought there nine times in his career. Due to his difficult style, “Winky” had a hard time getting big fights and was often avoided. The fight that put “WinkyWright on the map was a close majority decision loss to Fernando Vargas in 1999; a fight that many felt “Winky” had won.

He would win the IBF Jr. Middleweight title in 2001 and successfully defended it four times before finally getting the break he was waiting for, which was a title unification bout with fellow titleholder “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Wright shined on the biggest stage of his career by outpointing Mosley twice in decision victories. After unifying the 154 lb division, Wright would move up to Middleweight where he would have his career defining fight against Felix “Tito” Trinidad.

Trinidad was in the second fight of his comeback when he faced “WinkyWright in May of 2005. Many beleived Trinidad would steamroll Wright; however “Winky” showed why he was one of the most avoided fighters in the sport by dominating every second of every minute of every round. Wright used his piston like jab to good effect and never let the hard punching Trinidad have any moments of the fight as he won a lopsided unanimous decision victory.

Wright would close out 2005 with a unanimous decision victory over Sam Soliman, which earned him a shot at Jermain Taylor’s middleweight crown. June of 2006 was a big month for boxing and HBO as there were two huge fights in back to back weeks. You had Antonio Tarver vs Bernard Hopkins in an HBO PPV event and 7 days later you had Jermain Taylor vs “WinkyWright.

Taylor and Wright met on 06/17/06 at the FedEX Forum in Memphis, TN for the “Undisputed” Middleweight championship. The first round wasn’t much of a feeling out process. Taylor dominated the first round with quick, crisp combinations to the the head and body. “WinkyWright started out a little slow and was trying to walk Taylor down; however with little success. As the bell to start the second round sounded, “Winky” Wright raced out of his corner and immediately began pressuring Taylor, landing combinations. Taylor would respond with some fire of his own and the fight was beginning to turn into a slugfest.

Taylor, the more natural middleweight, was the bigger puncher; however Wright showed his great chin and was able to walk through Taylor’s shots. “Winky“, known for his slick boxing, had to switch gears and move forward, pressing the fight. “Winky” was able to get Jermain in a corner and land some good left hand shots. It was a much better round for Wright and Taylor knew he was in a for a long, tough fight. The fisticups continued to fly in the third round as Taylor fought well on the outside, setting up his combinations with his left jab. Wright was able to shake off the punches well, blocking some of Taylor’s shots while pressing forward, landing his own shots.

Wright would pick up the pace in the fourth round, keeping the fight close and landing good combinations. Taylor’s activity slowed down a notch and he wasn’t doubling up on his shots as he had in the previous rounds. While Taylor still fired combinations, Wright was still able to pick alot of shots off with gloves. Round five was more of the same as the fight was fought in close quarters which favored “WinkyWright. While “Winky” wasn’t the bigger puncher of the two, his shots were making an impact.

Taylor regained his composure in the sixth by keeping Wright at a distance while landing quick, hard combinations. The seventh was fought at a very fast pace in which both fighters would have their moments; however Taylor had the slight edge based on his power punching. Wright would control the eighth as he was able to keep Taylor at close quarters and landing good combinations as he had Taylor on the ropes and in the corner.

The ninth was more of the same as “Winky” would would impose his will and his shots were making an impact as Taylor’s left eye began to swell shut. In the 10th, both men stepped it up a notch firing and trading punches. Taylor would fire off a quick combination and Wright would answer with a combination of his own. Neither man backing up, it was the most exciting round of the fight. The 11th round belonged to “Winky” as he was the more active and accurate puncher, pressing Taylor who was waiting on Wright to make a mistake.

The fight appeared to be on the table going into the 12th. The 12th round wasn’t very action packed as neither fighter went for the gusto. Both men had fought at a blistering pace throughout the fight and they both seemed to rest in the final minutes. While neither man did much, the edge in the round went to Taylor as he was the more active of the two. The fate of the fight rested in the hands of the judges. Chuck Giampa scored the fight 115-113 for Taylor. Judges Ray Hawkins scored the fight 115-113 for Wright. The final judge, Melvina Lathan scored the fight 114-114, making the fight a split draw.

Both men felt they won the fight and “WinkyWright immediately left the ring, not waiting around to be interviewed by HBO. It was a great fight that warranted a rematch, however it didn’t happen. Wright would close out 2006 with a landslide decision victory over former champion Ike Quartey and he would only fight three more times over the next five years, losing all three bouts to Bernard Hopkins, Paul Williams and Peter “Kid Chocoalate” Quillin. He would retire in 2012 with a record of 51-6-1 with 25 KO’s.

Taylor would defend his middleweight title twice more against smaller opponents moving up versus both Kassim Ouma and Cory Spinks. He would lose his title in September of 2007 when he was stopped by Kelly Pavlik. He would lose the rematch to Pavlik five months later and then move up to Super Middleweight. He would defeat former champion and olympic teammate Jeff Lacy and then in early 2009 he would challenge for a super middleweight title against unbeaten champion Carl Froch.

After knocking Froch down early, Taylor ran out of gas late and was stopped in the 12th round. Later that year, Taylor participated in Showtime’s Super Six boxing tournament but withdrew from the tournament after suffering a bad KO loss to Arthur Abraham. Taylor would remain inactive for over two years and returned to the ring in 2011, moving back down to middleweight. He has been 4-0 with 2 KO’s in his comeback.

In August of 2014, Taylor was charged with two felonies after an altercation in his home with one of his cousins. The altercation would result in Taylor alledgedly shooting his cousin. Taylor is scheduled to fight brand new middleweight titleholder Sam Soliman on 10/08/2014 in Biloxi, Mississippi. The 2006 battle between Taylor and Wright was one of the few instances in which the best faced the best and the end result would be both fighters giving it their absolute best effort.