Technician vs Technician : Erislandy Lara vs Austin Trout


By: @medafORACLE

Since the days of late 80’s and early 90’s Hip Hop has always had it’s technical side of things when it came to rhyming. As in any form of art you have those who are not so spectacular but are good at what they do and then you have those who are very technical and have a special gift to make the art beautiful. When you think of said “special gift” one should automatically think of Eminem; very advanced and extremely technical with writing. For example….

”You’re about to see peace destroy
It’ll never be restored
When I unleash these beastly hordes on your cd stores
Wanna stop it? you gon’ need a priest, at least three swords
A license to ill from the beastie boys, three Ouija boards
A squeegee and please be warned, don’t ask what the squeegee’s for
All the holy water, acid raps that’ll eat these floors” ~Eminem

This is a very technical display of how fluent and beautiful the English language can be. When it comes to Hip Hop, any true Hip Hop head will appreciate such calculated approach to writing rhymes. Boxing is no different. We have fighters who brawl and make it ugly, consider them the Wacka Flacka’s of boxing. On the other side you then have the technical fighters who purely box and whom we would call the Eminem’s of boxing. Unfortunately like Hip Hop, boxing has what are called “casual fans” who don’t appreciate the technical and beautiful side of the art. It is considered “boring” to them.

Every few millennia……ok well maybe not that long but, every so often we get two very technical emcees on the same song together to just push the English language to its limits. When it comes to boxing, there is no gap that needs a bridge because it too happens not so often when you get two pure, very technical boxers in the ring at the same time. Usually its “Brawler vs Boxer” or “Boxer vs Horrible One Dimensional Fighter” or if we’re all so blessed enough to witness the Ishe Smith vs Carlos Molina of fights described as just “Two Absolutely Terrible Fighters vs One Another”. So what if I told you as a Hip Hop fan that Pharoahe Monch would battle Eminem? As a true Hip Hop head I would salivate at the thought of this unparalleled display of technical rhyme writing.

On December 7th, at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY I am excited to say that we have this very example of earlier mentioned technical skill. Erislandy Lara will challenge Austin “No Doubt” Trout for the vacant WBA “Regular” Championship. This fight is a true boxing fan’s dream to watch. Two pure boxers in the same ring, at the same time, bobbing, weaving, side stepping, quarter stepping, rolling, taking away distance, pivoting, parrying, slipping and countering with crisp combinations. If you’re a pure boxing fan then this is a fight you are salivating over.

I, unlike MANY casual boxing fans; don’t think this is a stink fest of a fight. For one, both men have a near hatred toward each other which already leads to fireworks. Aside of the extreme level of dislike they share for one another, this is just a BEAUTIFUL fight to watch. If there was ever a day the boxing God’s answered our prayers for a good fight; December 7th is it. Let’s just take a step back on the Hip Hop comparison of this fight for a second. In a battle between Eminem and Pharoahe Monch, it would be very difficult to say who wins because the skill level of rhyming would be so high. I for one would NOT want to judge this battle. I would be considered lucky enough to just listen to the different patterns puzzled together. The only way one could lose this battle is to be less aggressive. If you have a beautiful display of patterns put together but you’re talking about the refreshing autumn breeze while the other is trying to rip your head off with beautiful patterns AND punchlines, then prepare to take an L. This fight between Trout and Lara will be no different

How will this fight play out, you ask? Well just like a battle between Eminem and Pharoahe Monch, the more aggressive fighter will win. If this is what is needed for a W, then the odds are not in Lara’s favor. As a true boxing fan, there’s one thing I cannot stand to see and that’s a pure boxer who doesn’t display his boxing skills enough. I guess you can say Lara is that one “thing” I cannot stand. As technically sound as he is, he seems to get on his bicycle quite often. This doesn’t mean this will be an easy fight for Trout, though. IN FACT, this will be the very thing that will be somewhat difficult for Trout to adjust to. As a natural counter fighter and pure boxer he will have to chase Lara all night. The skill set that Trout does have over Lara is footwork. He has the ability to actually cut Lara off unlike Angulo in his bout against Erislandy. In being able to cut the ring off, you can expect a lot of pocket fighting from Trout and an abundance of counters ending in pivots, side steps and rolls to get out. This will be quite the “convenient store robbery” type fight from Trout…in and out. Expect a healthy dose of aggressive jabs from Trout that night as well. Against Canelo, we all saw the skillful aggression Trout can provide in the ring when he has to. We can expect a lot of this on December 7th. What’s my prediction? I have Austin Trout victorious in an extremely difficult fight to judge via split decision.

Lara-Trout Flyer

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