‘The Ghost’ Guerrero Is Back

By: Brandon Stubbs

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After a 15 month lay off, a left rotator cuff surgery and jumping up in two weight classes, Robert Guerrero came out in the ring in San Jose and delivered. He fought a game and sturdy Selcuk Aydin, who had been a long avoided contender in the welterweight division. These two gave a very crowd pleasing 12 rounds, with a lot of good back and fourth action in which Robert came out on top of the cards.

Some thought a 15 months away from the ring was more then enough to overcome, but Robert faced that head on and a leap from 130lbs to 147lbs and looked good in doing so.  He did look a bit fatigued toward the 9th round, doing more holding and clinching than in earlier rounds. Another minus was the lack of power at the higher weight class. He hit Aydin with some bombs early in the fight that Aydin just walked through with no problem. But on the same token, Guerrero took his fair share of shots from “Mini Tyson” and didn’t go down or be in any trouble in the fight.

So where does the “Ghost” go from here? Well he did what every fighter 130lbs and up do, call out Floyd Mayweather in his post fight interview. No, this isn’t the first time Guerrero has done this, doing so last fall way prior to his jump up to welterweight. Robert has a great background story, with his wife being a cancer survivor and him sticking by her the whole time. From all accounts he is an awesomely nice guy outside of the ring, but he isn’t the big name that Floyd generally fights. Not to mention Guerrero needs more work and time at this weight class before he goes after the big dogs. The next fight that would make the most sense is him taking on the winner of the September 8th Randall Bailey vs. Devon Alexander fight. Bailey has awesome, one punch lights out power. Alexander at times can be a skillful slick boxer who looks reborn at welterweight.

All in all, I’m glad the “Ghost” is back and healthy. Glad to hear that his wife is 100% cancer free. More important we have contender in the already talent rich welterweight division to make more great match ups with. If Robert can add some power to his punches in this class, we could be donning a new era in the division in due time.



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