‘The Money Team’ TMT

By: Brandon Stubbs

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“The Money Team” aka TMT, does sound rich doesn’t it? This is brain child of boxing’s pound for pound kingpin Floyd “Money” Mayweather and hip-hop juggernaut Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. These two have been friends for years now with 50 often seen right by Floyd’s side during his training camps. Now they join their powers together to create “The Money Team”; boxing’s newest promotional company. Floyd being a long time boxing free agent who has used Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions to broker his fights deals over the last five years or so, will not cut out the middle man but get even more money through this move…I know like he needs it right? 

So what makes these two think they can muscle into the boxing game? Lets start with Floyd first. In one fight in 2012 he generated 1.5 million PPV buys and $94 million dollars in his fight with Miguel Cotto. Yeah, that is all good money there. Floyd’s fights always have crazy high gates and beside Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao and the before mention De La Hoya, nobody does bigger PPV numbers. For 50 Cent, he is the head of G-Unit Records, which has sold multi million records world wide. He made a reported $100 million off of his investment with Vitamin Water, has a film distribution deal with Lion’s Gate worth over $25 million and is now making money with his own line of headphones, (which Mayweather is a investor in) SMS Audio. So it is safe to say he knows business and how to cross over into other platforms

What does “The Money Team” need to do to truly be successful? First, they need top tier talent. They are starting their step in the right direction already. Safe to say Mayweather will be fighting under the TMT promotional banner upon his release from jail August 3. But, in the brief week the company received its promoter’s license in the state of New York, they signed IBF Featherweight Champ Billy “The Kid” Dib and super middleweight Andre Dirrell. Dib an unknown to most casual boxing fans, fighting most of his bouts in Australia, will gave American fans a chance to see one of the best small weight fighters in the world on a larger stage through his signing with TMT

For Dirrell he was once a top contender at 168lbs but was “derailed” by some neurological issues that have now been cleared up and he should be eyeing the winner of Chad Dawson vs. Andre Ward bout for a fight in 2013. TMT has also signed Yuriorkis Gamboa, who has been sitting boxing’s bench for close to a year over contract disputes with Top Rank which he is now free and clear of. The next step for TMT is hiring the right people to run the boxing side of the business. No disrespect, but both Floyd and 50 Cent have big mouths and will have no problems hyping and talking up a fight for the public. What they need are people who know state athletic commissioners, know people at event venues and other promoters to make fights happen

This brings me to the next point of match making. We all know the main fight the world wants to see is Floyd vs. Manny. With him now being more of his own promoter, this gives a “golden” opportunity to make the fight happen. For the other fighters on the roster, match them with other great fighter in the division and not cans just to get on TV and a paycheck. Now that brings to my final point, which is a TV deal. Main Events has NBC Sports, Golden Boy & Top rank use FOX with HBO and Showtime being used for the head liners. Get a deal to put on 4-6 cards with ESPN and use it to showcase young fighters you’ve signed or get exposure to unknown foreign fighters (Dib). And when to do have a HBO or Showtime ppv, make a solid card all the way through out. Nothing worse than spending $50.00 plus on a fight and only knowing the main event guys or seeing a washed up, past his prime guy out there collecting another paycheck (you know who I’m talking about).  So this means they will HAVE to work with Golden Boy, Top Rank, Main Events, Warriors Boxing, Square Ring and others to make the best possible fight happen

As a whole I don’t see this being a bad thing at all for the sport. I see this being a flourishing business for these two if they can follow the right steps and boxing will be in good hands for years to come.

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