Timothy Bradley Dangling in Limbo

Photograph: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


By: Brandon Stubbs

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One would think a win over arguably the number fighter in the world and winning a world title would be a career jackpot right? Not if your name is Timothy Bradley. We are almost five months removed for his “victory” over Manny Pacquiao and he has yet to capitalize off of the win.

Reason’s for the delay? It’s not his health. He has made it clear this week that his foot is 100% healed. “My foot is fine. I’ve been training for the past couple weeks,” Bradley said. “There’s nothing wrong with my foot.”

How about a date and venue? Bradley’s promoter Top Rank has a deal worked out with major league baseball team, the Miami Marlins to hold a card in their new mega stadium for December 15.

Okay, how about an opponent? This is where things get a bit murky. The first option one would think is a rematch with Manny. Problem is Manny has no desire for the fight. Knowing he truly won their first encounter he felt there was nothing to prove and decided to take a fourth fight with Juan Manual Marquez on Dec. 8 in Las Vegas. There was the thought of him fighting Florida native Andre Berto, but that went out the window this week when Berto signed on to face Robert Guerrero on November 24.

So what is Bradley left with? Not much at this point. The only name being thrown out is a rematch with Lamont Peterson. Few issues with this fight. First, Peterson would need to get a license after failing a drug test earlier this spring nixing his rematch with Amir Khan. And the most important issue, who in the world would watch it? These two met in 2009 and Bradley put on a one sided beat down in their junior welterweight title bout. With neither man a big draw, having a rematch in such a large stadium would be a bad idea not to mention Bradley saying he has no interest as well. “I’ve already been down that road,” Bradley said. “I think a rematch with him doesn’t make sense at all. I think that’s another thing people need to know and realize.”

As the days pass, it is looking more than likely that Bradley is done for the year. 2013 may not be much better for him either. As stated earlier, he doesn’t have a large fan base, so it will be tough for him to get $5 million paydays like he got when he fought Manny. His attitude and big head (no pun) isn’t helping him much either. He has recently ruffled the feathers of Top Rank’s owner Bob Arum when he turned down the Peterson fight. “Cameron (Dunkin, Bradley’s manager) told me he was complaining his feet were injured and then he threw Cameron under the bus and said his feet weren’t injured, so who the hell knows?” Arum said.

With the continuing war between rival promotions Golden Boy and Top Rank, Tim’s next foe will more than likely come out of the Top Rank stable, such leading to even slimmer pickings. There is Brandon Rios who just came off of a seven round epic slug fest in his junior welterweight debut and he would have no problems moving up in weight, but Arum has already potentially lined him up for the Pacquiao-Marquez winner for next spring. There is British welterweight Kell Brook. He was offered the Dec.15 slot, but had to turn it down due to his fight Oct.20. It also didn’t help he was offered only $500,000 to come across the water for the fight. Tim could get the winner of Randall Bailey vs. Devon Alexander fight also on Oct. 20. Either fight could be made fairly easy. Alexander fought Bradley in 2011 and seems to be a new man at 147lbs and Bailey not being under Golden Boy could make for a solid fight in 2013.

Sadly Timothy Bradley is an example that winning can lead to losing. After what should have been a crowning moment in his career, Bradley is now riding the benches, still in hopes to be mentioned among the best fighters in the world.

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