TMT Drama: Mayweather-50 Split

By: Brandon Stubbs

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Sadly, I’m not surprised of the news that broke of The Money Team being done; just of the fact that it is happening so soon. Over the last few years you would see Floyd Mayweather and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson joined at the hip. 50 being at Floyd’s training camps, at fight press conferences and at his side on his way to the ring. You would see them at each other’s birthday parties, charity events and at other sporting events together.

But all good things must come to an end and many friendships end over a woman. Last week a story had broke that during Floyd’s …shall we say “time away”, that his friend 50 had messed around with his girlfriend who is oddly enough named Miss Jackson. Neither side would fully deny that anything went on between the two, which was a sign of some friction. Then on Tuesday during a radio interview, 50 said him and Floyd were ”cool” and that since he has came home he was “different”. Some took to Twitter over the weekend that a Mayweather Promotions banner was hanging up at a Showtime televised fight card in Las Vegas Saturday night and not “The Money Team”.

Wednesday, 50’s lawyer stated he was out of the boxing business with no real reasoning behind it and now the Money Team’s web address now forwards to Mayweather Promotions. One of the signed fighters, Billy Bid was also informed that he was being released from his promotional contract. To make things even more wacky, Floyd’s public rival Manny Pacquiao, has had his representatives meet with 50 Cents about setting up their own promotional team. Folks you can’t make this kind of drama up.

The question that still remains is why. What was said to ruin the great relationship these two had. Was it two different business models that each partner had, was it how the money was going to be split, or was it just egos? Maybe these questions will get answered and cleared up over the coming days and weeks. But those in the boxing game will always wonder what could have been?

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