Vicente ‘Chente’ Escobedo ready to shock the world

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: Okay fight freaks, this is your boy BIG STEVE G, the voice of the title and we have a very special guest with us today. We have 2004 U.S. Olympian and current world title challenger Vicente Escobedo on the phone, thanks for taking the time today to speak with us champ..


Escobedo: No problem


TheTitleFight: Okay, so you have a huge fight on July 21st against Adrien Broner, How’s training camp coming along so far?


Escobedo: It’s been great, everything is going well right now, sticking to the game plan. We’re ready, this is my golden opportunity. We’re ready to go out and win this. I want this title, nothing personal against Adrien Broner, I just want what he has. Everything is going good with my trainer Joel Diaz and I couldn’t be happier now.


TheTitleFight: Where do you currently train?


Escobedo: I train out here in the desert in Indio, California. I train out the Indio Boxing Club with Timothy Bradley. The desert heat is no joke and it’s helping me prepare for this fight.


TheTitleFight: Kinda give us an idea of what a day in the life of Vicente Escobedo is like during training camp? What does your day consist of from the moment you wake up in the morning?


Escobedo: My whole thing is getting proper rest, especially when your body is taking such a beating daily. I wake up around 9:00, hit the gym around 10. I do my boxing during the day with Joel Diaz. I then go home and in the evening when the weather cools down, we do our cardio. We some mountain biking, some hiking, running, kayaking.


TheTitleFight: You are 4-0 since your loss to Robert Guerrero, 4-0 against credible opposition. Did you make any changes or adjustments in your arsenal since the Guerrero fight?


Escobedo: Yeah, we looked at the videotapes and looked at the mistakes I made. Robert was a strong fighter and we knew that coming in. I’ve learned a lot from the Guerrero fight and I feel that I’m more of a complete fighter.


TheTitleFight: What age did you take up Boxing and what prompted you to want to become a fighter?


Escobedo: I started at age 13. Early on as a teenager, I was an all around athlete who was always out with my friends, running, biking. I played Football, Baseball, Soccer. My older brother was a boxer and I randomly just fell in love with the sport. Boxing is in the blood and I wanted to win a gold medal.


TheTitleFight: Any particular fighters you enjoyed watching growing up?


Escobedo: One of my favorite fighters of all time has to be “Sugar” Ray Leonard. I loved the way he boxed, how he had those fast hands. Another fighter was Oscar De La Hoya, I spent much of my earlier days watching him. I admire him inside and outside of Boxing.


TheTitleFight: Are there any particular fighters you enjoy watching today?


Escobedo: One fighter I enjoy watching is Bernard Hopkins, believe it or not. His experience, all the things he does inside the ring. He gets the job done and a lot of people say he is a boring fighter and they want to see knockouts but Bernard gets it done and does it well. I admire his age and with him, age is just a number. Another fighter I enjoy watching is Sergio Martinez. A lot of people look at his age as being a big factor, but it’s not.


TheTitleFight: You were a highly regarded amatuer and olympic team member who signed a huge deal with Golden Boy when you turned pro. You appeared on alot of the big Golden Boy fight cards from the beginning. Any unusual pressure you faced during that time?


Escobedo: Yes there was, I ain’t going to lie. I was being compared to Oscar De La Hoya and was regarded as the next “Golden Boy”. I fought in the same weight classes as him I was favored to win the gold medal and there was a lot of pressure, but I don’t regret anything that has happened in the past. I’m glad to be where I’m at in my career. I’m thankful for the opportunities that I have received from Golden Boy. People get knocked down but you got to get up and keep going and that’s what I’m doing. It’s what you do after you get knocked to the canvas that counts. I’m still working for that title. Better late than never.


TheTitleFight: Did you form any special friendships with any of your fellow teammates from 2004 olympic team and if so, do you keep in touch with them today?


Escobedo: I had a good relationship with everyone on the team; however the bad thing is that we don’t keep in contact with each other. When we see each other at events we talk, but I don’t keep in contact with them. I have watched them throughout their careers. One fighter I follow is Andre Ward. Andre is one of the best out there, he’s humble. He’s worked hard to get where he’s at and I admire and take my hat off to him.


TheTitleFight: A lot of the media is constantly writing the obituary on Boxing saying it’s killing itself with bad scoring and the issue with Performance enhancing drugs. What is your opinion on the overall state of Boxing?


Escobedo: We do need to do something out cleaning up the issue with performance enhancing drugs in all sports, not just boxing. In terms of the judges and scoring, I don’t know how we can fix that. The only thing we as fighters can do is go out and fight. We have to let the judges to the scoring, but sometimes we shouldn’t leave it up to the judges. We got to fight hard and hopefully get a knockout, but knockouts are hard to do sometimes.


TheTitleFight: You are facing one of the hottest young champions in the sport in Adrien Broner in his hometown of Cincinnati. He has that very slick Mayweather-like style. What do you feel you have to do in this fight in order to break through that defense and take him out of his rhythm?


Escobedo: Show no fear. I feel that at my age, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I know what it’s like to face a fighter like him and I’m gonna stick to my game plan and do what I do best. I know he’s gonna bring out the best in me. I know Broner’s a good fighter and I take nothing away from him, He does his talking and tries to cross the line with me, but it gets me fired up. I’m gonna be ready and he’s gonna be ready and it will be a hell of a fight.


TheTitleFight: Okay, well that’s all the questions we have today. We’ll be rooting for you on July 21st.


Escobedo: Thank you for your time, I appreciate it and we’re gonna shock the world.

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