Ward Beats the ‘Bad’ Out of Dawson

 By: Brandon Stubbs

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Never has a match up with two top pound for pound fighters in their prime received less prefight hype. For anyone who missed it, you missed a master at work. Andre Ward painted his masterpiece Saturday night in his hometown of Oakland, Ca. Personally, I thought the reach and natural size advantage of Chad Dawson would be too much to overcome. I was wrong; I mean I was really wrong. Besides round one, Ward pitched an absolute shut-out. Ward used his speed, footwork and sharp left hand to do his work. It was the left hook of his took down Dawson in the 3rd, 4th and 10th before the bout was finally called to a stop.

Speaking on the bout being stopped; some have thrown shade at Chad Dawson for not wanting to continue after taking some cleans shots and getting dropped in the 10th. After getting up from the knocked down, the ref asked him if he was good and he said he was done. I have no problem with him not wanting to go on and take any more damage. He knew he had no chance and was down on the cards, there was no point in taking major punishment and doing harm to himself. I also admire the fact that he made no excuses as to why he lost and not blaming it on the weight loss. “I did everything I had to do in camp to prep for this fight,” said Dawson. “He was a lot faster than I thought he would be. He’s strong, too. I can’t take anything away from him. He really is the best . . . It was hard to get my shots off. The weight was OK but I’m going to go back to 175 and decide what to do next. Andre Ward is a hell of a champion.”

As for what is next for the champ Andre Ward? First he should pay close attention to this Saturday’s mega fight with middleweight champions Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Sergio Martinez. If Chavez Jr. were to win, it wouldn’t be out of the question at all for him to move up to 168lbs from 160lbs given the weight issues he has had in the past. For Martinez it would be a tough road to go up to 168lbs, but maybe a catch-weight of 165lbs would make sense. How bout middleweight Gennady Golovkin, who made his U.S. television debut a few weeks ago and who also seems to have the HBO hype train behind him. Or even rematches with Carl Froch or Mikkel Kessler; both whom he beat to go on to claim the Super Six Championship. The ball is in his court to make whatever fight he sees fit now. It is crystal clear that he is among the top fighters in the world and he has yet to reach his peak.

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