Ward vs Dawson Breakdown

By: Brandon Stubbs
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We are now four weeks away from the first of many blockbuster fights for this fall. First up of those is a super middleweight bout with challenger “Bad” Chad Dawson and current champion Andre Ward.

For Dawson, who is the current WBC and The Ring Magazine Light –Heavyweight champion at 175 pounds, this will be the first time in over six years he will be fighting at 168lbs, so it will be interesting to see how his body reacts to the weight cut. And for Ward who was the last gold medalist for the Unites States back in 2004, he will be looking to add another name to his undefeated record.

The main problem with this fight is that both guys are kind of boring in the ring. Now I will say I do not have a problem with these two. Both are top 10 Pound for Pound type of guys, but both lack the flair in the ring to truly make them mega stars in the sport.

Dawson has been labeled a “dirty fighter” after his first match up with Bernard Hopkins after he threw him to the canvas & causing the fight to be stopped. Ward could be just as “dirty” but in his case he is listed as being more “crafty” or “skilled”. Neither has had that signature knock out that would live in highlight reels for ages.

Besides their respective home towns, neither is a huge draw in boxing which is why this bout is on regular HBO and not HBO pay per view. While Ward is very good on the microphone and in front of the camera, Dawson is more quiet and reserve when it comes to working the press and building up a fight.

So with all that said, is this a fight you should watch come September 8th ? Yes. The saying has always been that styles make fights. These are two similar styles but two different fighters. The biggest question coming in to this fight will be, how will Chad Dawson’s body react to the weight cut and how much power will he have behind his punches. With that being stated, how will Ward attack a naturally larger man? Ward is a great in, pressure fighter but will be at a five inch reach disadvantage, so will he be able to get inside and do his dirty work?

Dawson having the reach advantage, will he finally put his jab to work and pump it out and keep Ward at a distance and making him try to work from the outside? Will Dawson get frustrated by Ward’s movement and get taken out of his game-plan? These are all reasons to why you need to watch this fight and see which fighter can stake his claim as being one of the best fighters in the world pound for pound. This is definitely a bout for hardcore boxing fanatics who appreciate a technical bout where ring smarts dictate the outcome.

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