What’s Next-David Haye

By: Luke Clapham
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So it’s been nearly 2 weeks since British heavyweight David ‘Hayemaker’ Haye returned to the ring after his brief retirement, fighting fellow Londoner Dereck ‘Del Boy’ Chisora in a grudge match to end all grudge matches. The boxing world knows what happened between the pair following Chisora’s failed attempt at dethroning WBC king ‘Doctor Iron Fist’ Vitali Klitschko in Munich last February, and there had been a bitter feud leading up to the biggest domestic fight in many years here in the UK.

Leading up to the fight I was confident of a Haye win by KO and I wasn’t disappointed, as David brutally knocked Chisora down twice in the 5th before the referee waved off the fight deeming ‘Del Boy’ unable to continue, and suddenly the boxing world stood up and took notice, the ‘Hayemaker’ was back.

For me this is brilliant news as I’ve been a fan of David’s for many years, his fighting style is one to be admired, for a big man he is lightening quick with his feet and hands, and is a big puncher. For those that might not know about Haye’s history, 22 knockouts from 26 wins, 19 of which coming inside 6 round shows that Haye has something about him power wise.

The big question is, does David Haye deserve a shot at a Klitschko brother after his win against Chisora, in my opinion, yes. Partly because there just isn’t anyone else out there for the brothers to fight, they’re already scrapping the bottom of the barrel with Vitali facing the unknown Manuel Charr in September and Wladimir having just knocked out Tony Thompson for a second time, who else is out there?

In Britain we have 2 up and coming heavyweights in David Price and Tyson Fury, and America have Seth Mitchell to offer, but personally I think these 3 don’t quite have the experience required for a world title shot, they’re not in the came class as David Haye just yet, so I see Vitali having no choice but to fight The Hayemaker early in 2013.

The next question is, can David Haye beat Vitali, personally I’m saying a big YES, and that will mean Haye walking into a rematch with Wladimir. I believe that David Haye will be too fast for Vitali who is on the decline, he struggled with Dereck Chisora and won a UD over 12 rounds, David Haye knocked Chisora out in 5, of course I shouldn’t base my prediction on their respective fights with Chisora but I honestly believe that David Haye’s skill set will cause Vitali all sorts of problems. Vitali will be the bigger man but this isn’t a problem for Haye, remember he won the WBA Heavyweight championship against the giant ‘Beast from the East’ Nikolai Valuev in 2009, and don’t forget that Haye isn’t a natural heavyweight, he started as an amateur fighting as a light-heavyweight then his first 22 fights as a professional were as a cruiserweight, unifying the division in the process, even as a heavyweight he usually fights at around 220lbs and was at his lowest as a heavyweight against Chisora, coming in at 217lbs, all this resulting in a heavyweight that can move around the right quickly, letting shots go in the process, something I don’t think Vitali will be able to handle for 12 long rounds.

Do I think David Haye will be a 2 time heavyweight champion? HELL YES, he may not be everyone’s favourite boxer, he talks a lot before fights to try and get under his opponents skin, but I think now he means business and will be fully focused on the job at hand when (not if) a fight with Vitali Klitschko is announced.

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