What’s Next: Don King

By: Big Steve G., Gordie Tamayo

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One of the most charismatic personalities in the sport and in this country, Don King has had his share of fame and controversy as much as any character. King had rumored dealings with the mob and did a short prison term after killing a man, only to become one of the most successful boxing promoters of all time.

King is living proof that if you can make it in America you can make it anywhere. He has been the center of many headlines including the story of how he showed up at Larry Holmes’s door at 3AM in the morning with a briefcase filled with about 3 million dollars cash and convinced Holmes to come back and take on Mike Tyson.

He has been great for the sport however his time appears to be done. For most of the 90’s, Showtime was considered the Don King Network since they only showed Don King promoted cards and fights. Towards the end of the 90’s Showtime moved away from Don King and started promoting other cards from different promoters.

So although King moves away from the spotlight of what’s current in the sport, his footprint remains forever embedded. His contribution was critical in elevating the sport’s popularity and building a platform for other fighters to make a career out of it.

America is known as the mecca of boxing. Fighters like Ricky Hatton, Amir Kahn and Joe Calzaghe all had to come to America in order to compete against boxers on an American stage and increase their name recognition. Great fighters like Darius Michalczewski who gave fighters a lot of problems never reached that echelon because many of his bouts were only fought in Germany. Felix Sturm will always be remembered as the guy who “almost” beat Oscar De La Hoya because he does not come back to fight in the States. All examples of the deeper meaning behind the Don Kingism “Only In America”.

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