What’s Next: Pacquiao

By: Big Steve G., Gordie Tamayo

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Even though Manny lost to Bradley on the scorecards during their last encounter and most thought he should have won, he did lose face by losing the decision. Manny is likely to sign for the rematch with Bradley to save face and gain respect amongst his Filipino fans which is more culturally important than a lot of things are.

Some of his training habits could being adjusted and Manny focusing totally on a rematch versus other distractions, would surely bring a dominant performance by the pound for pound great. Perhaps cutting back on his entourage and the amount of people he takes care of would eliminate some of those distractions along with fighting three minutes of every round versus trying to steal rounds at the end, would be to his benefit as well. Bradley is a good fighter but there is nothing special about him other than his determination. He has no real impressive power in either hand; just a good heart and a hard head.

Pacquiao’s nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez has been lobbying for a fourth bout, however there are other bouts that could and should be made. Marquez should face his countryman Erik Morales and complete that circle. That is the one fight that did not happen in the quartet of Morales, Barrera, Pacquiao and Marquez. The fight should happen to fulfill that legacy alone; “The Battle of Mexico: Seniors Division”.

Who knows why the bout never happened. There are no known contract, manager or promoter disputes as there was a time they were both promoted by Top Rank and both on top of their game. It’s a fight that should have happened a decade ago yet neither fighter ever called the other out.

Perhaps Morales’s bad blood against Barrera and Pacquiao while Marquez obsessed over defeating Pacquiao was more important than them facing each other in what most would have believed to be an inevitable matchup. The fight needs to happen to fulfill a piece of boxing history.

Hopefully we will see Pacquiao move on to avenge his loss to Bradley then making history against Mayweather (as has recently been the conversation from Bob Arum about a date slated for April of 2013) and Marquez closing the chapter and facing Morales. As with boxing though you must expect the unexpected and things could change. Sometimes it’s not always what the fans want but what makes “cents”.

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